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15 Jan 2013

'It was horrendous' - Angry Hansen slates Chelsea star's blatant 'assault'. Fair?

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Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has lambasted Chelsea star Marko Marin for his terrible challenge against QPR's Stephane M'Bia earlier this month.

Vincent Kompany's sending off against Arsenal on Sunday enraged Hansen, who described the incident as 'the perfect tackle'.

The former Liverpool also criticised declining refereeing standards; bemoaned the growing inconsistency in the game, and compared Kompany's 'clean' challenge with Marin's awful lunge earlier this month. He said:

"It was just about the perfect tackle.

"Especially when you compare Kompany’s challenge to Chelsea’s Marko Marin, who received only a booking for a horrendous foul on Queens Park Rangers midfielder Stephane Mbia earlier this month. Marin’s was an out-and-out assault."

Clearly irritated by the inconsistency, Hansen dedicated his entire Telegraph column to defending Kompany, and slating refereeing standards, arguing:

"Kompany's red card must be overturned or the day of the tackle will be dead. If Manchester City fail to get it rescinded by the Football Association on Monday morning, it will send out the message that tackling has gone forever"

I have to agree with Hansen's assessment here. Kompany clearly got the ball; it wasn't a two-footed challenge, and there doesn't appear to be any dangerous intent.

Conversely, Marin doesn't get anywhere near the ball with his 'challenge', and red card have come out for a lot less this season (Jonjo Shelvey, anyone?)

Former referee Graham Poll took the opposite view to Hansen, arguing that Kompany deserved the red card. He told The Daily Mail:

"When a player goes into a challenge with both feet off the ground he is not in control of his actions and must be dismissed as he is endangering the safety of an opponent. Kompany must realise that he will HAVE to change or face red cards for the rest of his career".

With respect to Poll, at what are both of Kompany's feet off the ground? He leads with his left leg, and his right stays rooted the ground.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree with you, Jaimie. Marin's tackle is very dangerous indeed, foot well off the ground, studs showing, nowhere near the ball, straight red, no doubt about it at all. Kompany's tackle is as close to a perfect tackle as we might ever see it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  2. bad tackle lets move on ,what about lfc missing out on a player yet again lot more important imo,second thoughts really bad tackle lol

  3. Marin's tackle should have been Red and I think because it was so early in the game and his first tackle that he got away with it (he shouldnt have done). I watched the city game live and didn't think Kompany's tackle was red, he wasn't "over" the ball, he won it cleanly. To answer the question of both feet off the ground, if you watch the TV view from the back (not shown above), you do see that at a point in time, he does appear to have both feet off the ground (albeit not by much) which you can't see with a birdseye view. So I can see why the ref gave it IF he saw both feet off the ground...only he really knows whether he saw that. Me personally - thought the Kompany tackle looked well timed and accurate and if I'd been tackled in that way - no complaints.

  4. see they have just named the playmaker of the year award winners i,am shocked the welsh xavi did not make the list ah well maybe next year

  5. To be fair either did the Spanish Xavi when he was 22. Lay off the kid.

  6. I wonder if timing in the game made a differnce. i.e. Marins was a the begining of the game. (Shouldnt make a differnce but i think it did).
    Kompanys tackle looks ok to me.

    What Poll is saying is almost that as long as you have 1 foot on the ground you can tackle how you like?
    Consistancy really needs to get better in games.

  7. epl is most competitive league in the world.....it would b even much more better if the match official's decisions r good and consistent...........FA should seriously consider that before the situation gets worse....................but...what can i say..............FA will b ignoring this until man united suffer badly for this decisions............until that this comedy show will go on....!

  8. To be honest guys, whether its diving, fouling on purpose, time wasting, reckless tackles, unlawful challenges, handballs, shirt pulling...it's all refereed inconsistently.These challenges are punished depending on the mood and pedigree of the linesmen(women) and referees.

    Which leads me to as the question; Do the powers that be really want to run a honest sport?

    If they did then surely they would have adopted the camera replays by now.

    It's very simple but yet FIFA and UEFA are not doing nothing on it.

    Think about it, each match would have a panel of 3-4 people seating in the offices at the stadium with Hawkeye technology. So when there is an insident that the referee is unsure of they can easily replay the action and whiting seconds the panel can decided whether it's a foul, dive etc...

    Marin's tackle just shows the inconsistency of the refereeing world and it damages the reputation of the game.

    IMO Kompany's tackle was legitimate but Marin's clearly was not.

    Sending a player off can immensensly change the course of the game so surely this must a priority?

    In any terms, if this is not sorted then players will be scared to go into strong tackles and instead we will see a bunch of bailarinas playing football.

  9. yea your right ,saying that it would have been impossible for xavi to have made the list as it was not around them doh

  10. And the FA/UEFA/FIFA would say something like "We dont want the game to be run by machines, we want it to have the human element" or "It wastes to much time to check the decisions.
    I completely agree with you though, there is no 'real' reason why they shouldnt adopt it. They could even do it like Tennis where you get a certain number of appeals (2 a half?) and the Captain can talk to the player/s involved and decide whether to appeal, then approach the ref in a calm manner and ask for video ref, but it has to be within 30? seconds of the incident.
    That wouldput the decisions in there hands, and if they dont appeal they cant say anything.

  11. Which player are you talking about? That Norwegian defender?

  12. I agree with you mate. I just find it hard to believe why they can't do it. They would just give lame excuses I guess. A certain number of appeals sounds like a good idea. Or even have people on the pitch side with screens for easy access.

  13. The FA etc just turn it in to a massive ordeal. Look at the goal line tech. They could have easily brought that in so many years ago. But they just try to make excuses for it.
    Makes me wonder how corrupt it could all be.

  14. Every major corporation are dishonest in corrupt in several amount of levels, so it's unthinkable to think the the EPL is corruption free. Not necessarily regarding the bad tackle but just in general. When over £3Billion is being pumped in the EPL the surely corruption must exist in some aspect.

    As regards to goal line tech I think it's appalling that this still not implemented. Only when an English team or the then English National Team lose a major game like a final to a dubious goal will the FA do something.

    UK should take a leaf out of Germany Bundeliga.

  15. Couldnt agree more with this article on both counts, one is a highly skilled, hard but fair tackle, the other is dangerous & straight from a pub team

  16. The English national team losing a major game like a final. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, that one was extremely funny!

  17. jaimie any idea when the notifications will be fixed whats up with discuss its been a nightmare since xmas ;-)

  18. ;0P Pun fully unintended lool!

  19. rodgers says we need to compete with the top six,1st it was the top four what next season the top ten ,expectations at lfc are getting lowered by the day

  20. Great reply, Jason, erm, not.

  21. I knew this would happen. Yesterday most people were acting as if Liverpool were too good for Forren and now it looks like he is going elsewhere, you get some people acting as if he is suddenly the cat's pyjamas.

  22. No respect for Poll should be your comment.. Did he even watch the video?

  23. not me ? i said i did not really know much about the player,but from what i,ve heard we could well be missing out on a bargain

  24. AndWithSuchSimplicity4:44 pm, January 15, 2013

    Whenever someone like Poll comes out with a "feet off the ground" comment you have to despair for the game. Anyone who has ever played football, at any level, knows that when you make a tackle you will automatically lift a foot off the ground so your studs don't get caught in the pitch.
    Once you make a one-footed tackle, what do the referees suggest you do with the other foot? Unscrew it just below the knee and pick it up later???!! Your body decrees both feet tend to stay pretty near each other.....

    So long as you don't jump in knee high. Or do a double-footed block with studs showing (both ankles touching), I don't see a problem.

  25. A certain conspiracy theory comes to mind. This has been going on for 2 decades now. Any team in direct competition with Manure has to face this even if not playing against them.
    Global TV rights and money is the root of the decaying standards in refereeing. If manure is not up there massive revenue loss from TV. It;s all about the money, money,money.

  26. I am glad to see that noones arguments on here are based around "he got the ball, its not a red". Nowhere in the 'Laws of the Game' does it say anything about winning the ball in red or yellow card decisions, only if it is "carless", "reckless" or "using excessive force". Therefore a player can do a clean tackle and win the ball but still be sent off for using excessive force. It irritates me when all the pundits clearly have no idea of what the rules actually state.
    Having said that i do think the rules are too vague, and the language we use such as high tackle and two feet off the ground more accurately describe what

  27.  yah lay off the kid ....he only cost 15m ...and lost us the game against utd.....

  28. I wasn't accusing you. I was worried it might come across like that, but I was just replying to your post because it seemed to be the most appropriate place to make the point.

  29. Marin's tackle is very dangerous, but I'm not sure I'd call it an 'assault'. It doesn't look intentional to me, it just looks like the tackle of someone who doesn't know how to tackle. At worst it is a shithouse's challenge I'd say (often it is the fear of the tackler that leads to these challenges).

    Kompany's ban has been overturned. I'm very surprised. Credit where it is due- fair play to the FA, for once.

  30. He didn't choose his fee and didn't hold us to ransom with regards to his wages. So that's not really a fair criticism  And to say he cost us the game is very short sighted. Perhaps Johnson cost us by letting Evra past him. Or maybe Agger for giving RVP space to get the shot away. Or maybe even Sturridge for missing that chance near the end. Or perhaps we were beaten by a team with better quality players and a manager with more experience when it comes to this fixture!