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10 May 2012

"This is the reality" - €40m goal machine 'El Tigre' responds to transfer speculation...

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Anfield Legend Jan Molby recently argued that Liverpool should sign prolific Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao in the summer, and after his match-winning performance in the Europa League final last night, Reds fans will be dreaming about the possibility of seeing the Colombian International strut his stuff at Anfield next season. Falcao has not been officially linked with Liverpool yet, but if the club was to pursue the striker, would he consider moving this summer?

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo recently, Molby - who scored 61 goals for Liverpool during his career - noted:

"I’ve always been an admirer of Atletico Madrid’s Radamel Falcao. He is a Javier Hernandez type of player, who will work extremely hard and will always be in the box scoring goals"

Falcao - nicknamed 'El Tigre' - has a fantastic goalscoring record over the last few years:

* 62 goals/6 assists in 77 games for Porto (2009-2011)
* This season: 35 goals/5 assists in 46 games for Atletico Madrid

It would probably be impossible to get Falcao at the moment - he signed for Athletico only seven months ago in a €40m deal, and in a recent interview, the prolific marksman reaffirmed his commitment to Madrid, even if the club misses out on a Champions League spot:

"The fact is that I signed a four-year contract with Atletico. That is the reality and not the rumours in the papers. I arrived intending to be here for a long time and it is my dream to be remembered by the fans for helping them to celebrate titles.

"If Atletico do not finish in the Champions League places it will hurt, but it will not mean that I will look to be sold in the summer."

It's s shame he's tied down, but If/when Falcao becomes available again, Liverpool should definitely think about signing him.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Even if Falcao had one year remaining in his contract, LFC under KD will not even approach him. KD will not buy a top gun striker and risk Carroll losing his starting 11 status .
    At best he will buy a young second grade striker to provide competition  for Carroll
    Mark my words .

  2. If Benitez was there with Spanish connections than maybe we would have a chance. As it is with Liverpool finishing 8th in the league and KD as mngr what world class player would come to Liverpool. KD might b a LEGEND (as player not as mngr)for us but lots of foreign players don't even know who he is. So as much as I would love to c this guy play for us I think we have no chance at all of signing him.Besides a NEW MANAGER IS PRIORITY FOR LFC.

  3. Dream on, Molby. Only in his first season at Atleti, bought for around £35m, in very good form in his first year and his mentor from River Plate is manager of Atleti now, Diego Simeone, who he is close with. These things amount to him staying at Atleti for at least another season or being sold for a even bigger fee than Atleti purchased him for by a club that is in the CL. Almost zero chance of us spending £45m+ (surely Falcao will leave Atleti for a fee that is bigger than the fee Atleti paid for him, unless Atleti's ability to handle their debt takes a turn for the worse, a lot worse) on a player in the foreseeable future. 

  4. Tom Rollingham3:42 am, May 11, 2012

    Woulda Coulda Shoulda ... No chance that after winning Europa he's going to sign for a team in same comp' ..
    Cost Athletico €47m and will now be more so if move will be Chelski, City or PSG.

  5. He 'll not stay in AM long, may be 1 more year & then AM 'll off load some of their debt by selling him for around $70-80 mn. He is 26 & AM knows that, after 28, they 'll not recoup much from him.

    Having said that, he (or for that matter any non British top striker) is not coming to LFC as long as KD is there & at the same time, KD 'll not buy them as well.  I think, it's clear that KD can't use creative ball players & he is too limited a manager in hit & run style with a Carrol like power forward up front.  Besides, as a Manager, who is KD in mainland Europe or Latin America?

    Also, I don't think, with Suarez in the team, we need another ball playing forward; De Jong or Oliver Girord looks better fit.  We need at least 1 quality mid fielder & 2 world class wingers.

    But our top priority should be to hire a top class young, aspirated & modern Manager; enough of this legend worship.

  6. Sad but true....Man City will outbid everyone else...throw in CL opportunity n a "possible" league title....try to top tat...

  7. Kenny will splash 20 mil for the like of Bent,Heskey,Agbonlahor ..

  8.  keeny needs to go

  9.  According to Daily Mirror - LFC won't be having funds to spend on new players as the owners are disappointed with the previous signings made. They want players like Downing, Carrol and Henderson to perform better next season. And Dalglish will not be axed.
    I hope these are only rumours and LFC will buy better players notably FALCAO and the young midfielder of Athletic Bilbao - Muniain

  10. WWho in their right frame of mind would want to play for Dalglish.....people used to want to play for lfc but Dalglish has brought us down to a level where onlytwo types of players will be signed by him and reality is only two type of players will sign for him

    1..2nd rate player
    2...overated British

  11. KK played good attacking football and created enough chances to see them have a top four finish if they went in, only man city newcastle and arsenal created more shots at goal. Plus its the opposite players love playing for KK he was a world class player and a word class manger , one bad season and you guys are all doom and gloom,

  12. daily mirror said he waoud strengthen squad as well, they are the sellers of gossip not news,

  13. Don't know who Dalglish is - are you on drugs?
    Kenny is one of the most iconic figures in world football, Liverpool are one of the best supported clubs in the world (4th largest shirt seller behind Man Utd, Real Madrid & Barcelona). 3rd highest European cup wins of all time behind R Madrid & AC Milan.
    Did you only find out about football last year?

  14. Mate, it's like being in a mental dream on here, one where your own family don't recognise you and you think you're going mad.
    I'm sure this site is sponsored by Prozac!

  15. Would be great buy if we can spend that kind of cash but????

  16. Neiljamiesonhall10:48 am, May 11, 2012

    I can't see the point of this article. Isn't it obvious we would not have the funds to sign anyone of his value???

  17. I beleive last year's spend was about increasing the size of the squad and getting inline with the fare play rules, hence all the Uk players at inflated costs. This next year I think will be about 2 possible three at the max world class players. But to acheive this we are going to have to do what Man city did and thats to pay out large sallerys to the players we wont.

  18. @ Mark-YEAH yeahyeah 4th and hiding behind manu assss,no way dude,we wanna be @ top looking down,not looking up,do you dig bird brain.

  19. Till now i'm still angry and frustrated with kenny for the player he bought,for getting where we sit @ the league table,stupid tactics,don't even know who's our first 11 and the worst is HUMILIATED by manu,I for once hope to see liverpool slip down the table till kenny get the sack.
    I know he love liverpool but he's not helping,he's a stubborn bloke.

  20. iker munain and falcao? that would probably come to around £60+.
    in the state we're in no world class player would come to liverpool. talex ferguson replacing dalglish is more likely.

  21. Falcao will probably cost £60m alone!

  22. This article is just fueling the criticistism towards Liverpool's starting lineup. There is NO chance whatsoever that Liverpool can sign this player. No chance. He will stay for the duration of his contract, by then he will be 30. We have a better chance of signing Torres back than getting him. 

  23. I bet people are still against Benitez coming back to Liverpool . He would probably find some world class player for around 10 million that we never heard of before. 

  24. Even if Liverpool would have enough money to get him there are numerous reasons as why not to sign:

    It's NOT the striker Liverpool needs, too much have been invested in Carroll to give up on him and he is showing some promise, a winger and a creative midfielder would be better options.  The player was same as he is last year only 1 year older and costs twice as much, if the club wanted him they would bought him a year ago. Liverpool should look to the future and I hope the owners will not be shy in investing in young players this summer. Not necessarily in English talent . There is enough British players in, no need to pay premiums for home grown players.

  25. aspirated? i dunno how to respond...