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24 May 2012

"I'm full of fire!" - Could this be Liverpool FC's next manager? Let's hope so...

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Former Ajax and Bayern Munich manager Louis Van Gaal continues to be linked with a senior managerial role at Liverpool, but based on his recent comments, it seems clear that the Dutchman - who has won league titles in three different countries - has his heart set on getting back into coaching, which could ultimately be a good thing for the Reds.

Van Gaal is currently third favourite to be handed the top job at Liverpool, and speaking to Voetball International last weekend, Van Gaal said:

"Every month, I get dozens of offers, but I'm waiting for the right one. I look forward to getting started on a new job".

Van Gaal confirmed his desire to return to the dugout in an interview with Talksport's Marcel van der Kraan a few days ago:

"I do want to go back into football. I always said I would. I'm having a sabbatical year because my wife demanded that I slow down a bit. I'm still full of fire, and I want to work with players, and I'm waiting to go back to a club or country as coach"

If and when Van Gaal meets with Liverpool, it seems likely that he'll make a pitch for the manager's job, and I hope he does because he is perfect for Liverpool (IMO):

* Peerless experience in the game.
* Strong character and personality.
* Attacking football philosophy.
* Great at bringing through young players.
* Vast experience of dealing with big egos.
* Would command instant respect from players.
* Capable of attracting big names.
* Wouldn't tolerate shirkers/underperformers.
* Would striker fear into the current squad (in a good way)
* track record of constant success.

Yes, he's 60, but the chance to appoint a manager of Van Gaal's experience doesn't come along that often, and unlike Fabio Capello - another reputed option - he has a positive football philosophy.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. sacked by bayern munich.

  2. What's your point? Capello (twice), Del Bosque, Benitez (twice), Sacchi, Clough, Ancelotti etc have all been sacked. Does that make them bad managers. LVG also won the league and cup double in his first season at Bayern, and led the club to the CL final.

  3. If our Principal Owner John W.
    Henry and Chairman Thomas Werner hold any reservations of appointing as new LFC
    manager either Andre Villas-Boas or either Fabio Capello then the most reliable/wise
    appointment will be the one of Louis Van Gaal. 
    Louis van Gaal is one of the most successful coaches of his generation.
    The Dutchman won two European club competitions, including the UEFA Champions
    League, at the head of the strongest Ajax squad since the glory days of the
    1970s.  During his tenure in Amsterdam,
    Van Gaal presided over the development of Patrick Kluivert, the De Boer
    brothers, Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids, Nwankwo Kanu, Edwin van der Sar, Marc
    Overmars and Jari Litmanen. He then headed abroad and won La Liga in 1998 and
    1999 with Barcelona, adding to a CV which has made him one of the most
    respected coaches currently working in Europe. 


    It's a footballing philosophy more
    than a system. A system depends on the players you have. I played 4-3-3 with
    Ajax, 2-3-2-3 with Barcelona and I can play 4-4-2 with AZ. I'm flexible. The
    philosophy stays the same though.


    I don't think that you can adapt
    it to every possible situation. You need the right mindset, and it depends on
    how the players see the coach and vice versa. The coach is the focal point of
    the team but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone
    needs to work together to achieve a common goal. Preparing your tactical
    formation is essential. Each player needs to know where he has to be, and that is
    why there needs to be mutual understanding because you need absolute
    discipline. This is a sport played by 22 men, and there are 11 opponents out
    there playing as a team. Each individual needs to know who he has to beat and
    be there to support his team-mates.

    Former Dutch superstar Patrick Kluivert once called
    Van Gaal “a master at building a team”, and even Van Gaal likes to use the
    terms “team building” and “performance” to describe his coaching philosophy.

  4. dont think the dof role is what he has in mind .hands on with the players more like it and pickin the team . but at 60 dof would be my option.

  5. He is a safe bet but even better with Rogers or Martinez - then we see beautiful football again and NOT silly chess games Benitez played

  6. It is going to Martinez end of discussion

  7. A Dutch football journalist Ernest Bauer was interviewed this morning on the local radio station City Talk. He said Van Gaal plays the game on the ground and does not play the long ball. 
    He also said he and Johann Cruyff masterminded the Barcelona academy in 2000 and built it into what it is today.
    He pulls no punches and he has made a lot of enemies in his time by saying what he thinks.

    I think he would be able to deal with big ego's certainly he did at Barcelona and most top Dutch players certainly have them.

    I agree with everything  Jaimie says  and most important of all he calls it a job not a project.

  8. I'd welcome Van Gaal with open arms.

    Apparently he's a difficult character but he's been successful wherever he's been and will attract the right calibre of player.

    Also, he'll take one look at Downing, Henderson, Adam and Carroll and tell them to never show their faces at Anfield again!

  9. FSG need to appoint - people everywhere laughing at the Americans - such a fuss - and nothing ever happens - it is embarrassing at times.

  10. out of the game for too long 60 years of age we need a progressive coach. remind you of any comments made here re a manager we have just sacked. Whats the difference.
    FSG should not have sacked KD without someone being in place they are making a mockery of the club.
    Needs to be AVB, Martinez, or Rodgers. Not sure about Lambert did you hear his KD esq outburst after the friendly the other night, he probably wouldnt fit with contributors to this site. At a push I would support a Rafa return but only if a young up and coming manager cannot be signed.

  11. Exactly.  Van Gaal is exactly the type of character needed at Anfield. A take no prisoners, no BS manager who's achieved everything in the game. The best thing is he wouldn't be mates with the players, and he would be in total control.  I like the idea of a fearsome manager who commands respect and strikes fear into the players.  I really hope he gets it.  

  12. Van Gaal is a master tactician, with a great string of nurturing young talents, like He did both at Ajax and Bayern Munich. He won CL with Ajax in 1995-96, La Liga title, Bundesliga title with Munich. He's surely a strong character, but I equally believe that Liverpool's dressing room could need this sort of strong personality in command. I would be flat if FSG's final choice will fall on him.

  13. What do you mean out of the game too long?  He won the league and cup double with Bayern Munich in 2010, which is only two years ago. LVG has won two league titles in the last three years.

  14. I would love to see an old head like him come to LFC and rebuild and steer it in the right direction and momentum for someone younger to take over and paddle on. YNWA

  15. Louis Van Gaal's win ratio:

    1) Ajax 68.53%
    2) Barca 55.42%
    3) Holland  57.14%
    4) AZ 58.05%
    5) Bayern 61.04%

    He has been to 2 European Cup finals winning 1, also winning the Uefa Cup too!!!!.................but who wants a winner? FSG??????

  16. Point to be noted: Van Gaal is Daddy of all. He will not take any nonsense from Players, Media, FA or anyone. He will have his way or no  way!
    Only downside of such character is it can turn really ugly when he is dispute with owners.
    I would like to see him as our manager .

  17. we need 'difficult' we are too soft..we need ' HAIR DRIER' treatment.

  18. What about the Montepellier manager they have come out of nowhere to win the French League for the first time ever and ahead of moneybags PSG, Rene Girard the former France u21 manager.
    He said after his team won it."I think our triumph is a real shot in the arm for French football. "It just goes to show that everyone can beat everyone and that money isn't the be-all and end-all. We're a  club that brings young players through and gives them a chance. "At the end of the day, it's worked out well for us. We played some great football, with a well-balanced team and I'm overwhelmed

  19. Out of the game for 13 months!!!!!

  20. in abt 4yrs after a rebuild.

  21. Of all the candidates being mentioned I fully agree that he's the best option - on par with Benitez. He'd attract big players, he has a winning mentality and record. So all in all, I'd be happy. Just please not AVB or Martinez. Would be the biggest mistake in the history of LFC.

  22. I'd be happy with him in either the manager or DoF role. With him as DoF, or Sporting Director (whatever you want to call it), it'd be reassurance that a younger manager like AVB or Martinez would have the top level expertise at hand, should they need it.

    I've been talking about him for the manager's job for ages. Good to see him being considered. Only problem is, he always ends up falling out with someone, somewhere along the line (and moreso than the average manager would). 

  23. Totally agree that no Roberto Martinez nor Brendan Rodgers, it will take us years back.

  24. hasnt Rafa been out of the game for longer

  25. Van gaal is a legend. Met him in 1995 when he was coach of Ajax. I'll never forget during their open training session the way he shoved Winston Bogarde about. Bogarde is huge but Van Gaal didn't give a s***. It was amazing the respect he got from his players even though he was a dictator. Van Gaal for Liverpool!!

  26. Rafa is out of the game longer than Louis Van Gaal.

  27. I dont think the principal owners have a clue who anyone is as their football knowledge is not vast, just like I wouldnt have a clue who a good baseball manager is unless I looked him up on WIKI.
    Therefore you have to hope someone who has got a clue is advising the pair of them whoever they decide on.
    I favour the Van Gaal/Martinez partnership but as neither guy has probably never met each other that may be something neither of them may want. VG wants to the managers job I think not just  Sporting Director.

  28. What is this 'he falls out with people', so what who cares. Is he a genius manager yes of course he is, or do we want a nice fella who wins nothing???

  29. I would say he was better than par, by at least three birdies and an eagle ahead of  RAFA

  30.  If i remember Alex ferguson was one or two games away from the sack in that first 5 years for utd, correct me if im wrong im not too up on man u history but didnt mark robbins score the winner to win a final or get them to a final.

  31. Totally true my fellow friend Billy, Roberto Martinez has never played for a title contender team, he just coached relegated teams, I am sure there are people who advising them and the better I want from them is to advise them against of any possibility to appoint either Roberto Martinez or Brendan Rodgers.  From the very first minute the pressure will be on them if they would sit on the red hotseat and that can turn to a catastrophy!  At this stage we need a world class-proven manager with experience on building teams and that competed in the past for titles, with strong personality and character and those two managers are Louis Van Gaal and Fabio Capello.

  32. If given the right sort of backing, he would obviously be a good option. But whether we are able to give that sort of backing is unknown quantity and quality at the moment, in relation to what sort of transfer fund will be given to potential manager and this squad is certainly not up there with some of what Van Gaal has worked with.

    What I do like about him and Capello is that they are no-nonsense, in a old-school way.

  33. yes and when he got shut of him he gave him a bottle of red wine and told him thanks lad now piss off.

  34. Didnt even Mourinho get sacked by Chelsea??

  35. I suggest you  get on the LVG wiki page and write nice things about him and he will get the job tomorrow when they look him up haha as thats how Henry found out who LFC where. I trust he didnt get his Mrs off the internet too. She obviously married him for his looks not his money.
    According to my Blue Mate Statto Steve over a pint in the Ship & Mitre, an excellent real ale pub in Dale Street for a pre match drink or lunchtime tipple, his boss a man who probably went to school with Bill Shankly himself tells him the new manager will be LVG as his Dutch agent a big Ajax fan told him this morning on the phone  its hot news over there in the Dutch press.
    Tot ziens en veel geluk

  36. Ahh Winston Bogarde the man who sat on his arse for 5 years at Chelsea and earned millions I remember him

  37. Nice guys finish last Gano.

  38. Jaimie there is one thing for sure LVG has received a much positive response from the majority even the doom and gloomers and Rafaites. I am with you on this one mate.

  39. Absolutely agree mate. One of Van Gaal's strengths is the fact that he doesn't indulge players. Also, he's ready to drop people who aren't pulling their weight - he dropped Rivaldo when he was at Barca for coasting through games even though he'd been named European Player of the Year. We need someone with balls who's also got tactical acumen and is respected within the game. 

  40. True but I think Van Gaal has enough about him that FSG would trust him to spend their money wisely like he has done pretty much everywhere he's been. If he can shift some of the crap out and is given £20 - £30 million I think he could put a much stronger squad together than the shambles we have at the minute.

  41. My dear friend Billy let us hope this info is accurate because it means FSG will appoint a real world class manager and make the right call.

  42. Yes, I missed that one out. One of the modern game's greatest managers, and he still got sacked.

  43. There is a first time for everything. I agree with with Jaimie. Van Gaal would be good.

  44. Bring back Rafa...& this website can close foreva.. Lol

  45. You forgot Walter Smith OBE  winner of a million and one Scottish titles.

  46. Van Gaal or any other coach with a reputation would be a foolish to even look twice at the LFC job right now , not just because of the disgraceful way FSG have behaved so far but also because Benitez is sitting in the corner stinking the place out like a big Spanish Turd .

    Every point dropped & they will be screaming for Rafa .

    Give it to Rafa for 2 years , let him remove all doubt & hopefully by that time The Yanks will have been replaced by an actual ambitious board that will actually invest without trying to make out we are a charity case & then proper managers will once again look upon the job with ambition .... unless of course we get relegated between now & then .

  47. Brehon - please stop insulting managers/FSG. Thanks.

  48. Liverpool needs a manager with vast experience with an excellent track record. Liverpool are currently in shambles and appointing a young manager would be foolish. A no nonsense manager is whats required. Carragher needs to retire, gerrard needs to pull up his socks.

  49. I would love LVG, although I don't mind Rafa coming back since 
    I believe that he is more or less like him with the no BS, and strictly professional relationship with players.

  50. Pointless quibbling about the past!!! This is what LIVERPOOL NEED: LVG as manager. A director of football who can attract quality/world class players. Sell all average players. NO British players please!!! On the BIG stage talented/skillfull players are required NOT Physical Misfits.

  51.  Should I call em Brits instead ?

    Or Septic Tanks as I have seen em called on this site which you have taken no apparent offense to .

    If you are going to reduce yourself to behaving like a head mistress & nit pick at my posts simply because they dont conform to your own hidden agenda then I will have to seriously consider posting in a less oppressive environment .

  52. I like Rafa but we would be lucky to have LVG, very experienced in all aspects of football, from boardrooms to pitch.
    A great choice but you might have to talk to him about a footballing director as well

  53. Van Gaal is by far the best choice out of the 3 including Martinez and AVB.

    He has the experience, knowledge and would get the best out of the players with his no nonsense management style and will replace the players not worthy to wear he LFC shirt.

    Rijkaard as couch and Van Gaal as DOF is my preferred choice but hopefully FSG gets it right who ever they select and the new manager will get my support 110% no matter who he is. 

  54. Sorry about the spelling mistakes..

  55. Oppressive? Since when is treating people with respect 'oppressive'? You can make all the points you want but without insults, belittlement and derogatory comments.

  56. chibuzo akobundu3:00 pm, May 24, 2012

    I heard that he got into it with some of his players at Bayern Jamie.  I believe he and had a professional disagreement with Ribery and a few other key members of the squad. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having a disagreement from time to time with the people you work with. I just feel that the Dutch coach can be  a really stubborn individual who is unwilling to give in a bit when he thinks he is right. In my opinion I think he pushes his weight around a little too much it is usually comes down to his way or the high way. I have a problem with his man management style. I feel that he sometimes instill fear in his players. I take nothing from his many accomplishments and success. He has won a lot competitions with really great teams over the past. 

    The fact that he was fired even after Bayern had finished favorably in the Bundesliga tells me that his sacking was not a result of team performance but of a different nature. I believe that the controversy with Ribery or who ever the player was caused a split in the Bayern dressing room . This being the case the Bayern senior management intervened and decided to let him go. 

    I also remember reading about a exchange between Van Gaal and Uli Hoeneb the  Bayern president. I think that Van Gaal posses  a major ego and hates to have anyone challenge his authority even in the slightest way. He is a very good coach otherwise. He is very motivated and expects the best from his players. One thing i can say is that if Van Gaal takes the job the likes of Carroll, Adams, Downing , and Henderson would really have to earn their starting spots. Gone are the days of special privilege like under Daglish when under performing players were rewarded with starts simply because they were brought in by Daglish himself. Van Gaal will not take any nonsense from the players . We can expect to see some of the dead wood moving on very quickly under Van Gaal.

    I am not a big fan of the man after i saw him at Bayern but i have to admit he is very effective. I may have gotten one or to things wrong . If i did I am sure I will be corrected. For me would actually prefer someone who is not even being considered and now Mark Hughes, but leaning to Roberto Martinez who is in the running for the job.

  57. when did Inter sack him them wasnt that about 18 months ago

  58. Now you are insulting my intelligence .

    Benitez isnt here & even if he was commercially referring to him or anyone else as a Turd from a certain country sitting in the corner of LFC & Stinking the joint out is hardly going to ruin his life  , it is base censorship & oppression & in no way respectful toward me or your visitors .

    So in that vien explain how refering to FSG as being Yanks is in any way belittling or derogatory & while yer at it explain how anyone can possibly disagree with anyone or thing without in effect being condescending toward & belittling it ?

    Fact of the matter is you have targeted me because my expressed views conflict with your hidden agendas & that is oppressive .

  59. bring him in asap...he did wonderful job at bayern even thou his last year was shit just like Rafa...either van gaal or rafa would do cos we need coach that can attract good players not martinez who can only attract championship mediocre players or shoe cobblers like Adam

  60. Go away then you miserable s*d.

  61. chibuzo akobundu3:17 pm, May 24, 2012

    My biggest problem with Van Gaal is that he has a serious ego problem. I believe some would say that all real successful people do . I think he can be an asshole sometimes for a lack of a better word. He thinks too highly of himself , and can be sometimes a bit too arrogant. He is an effective manager of that there is no doubt. I just believe his serious character flaws could be a problem with him somewhere down the line. He just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

  62.  Who asked you ?

    Mind yer own business .

  63. Yes let us hope our American friends are wise enough to heed the advice of their mentors and go for LVG rather than AVB.

  64. Rather harsh on Martinez, how on earth do you know who he will attract.
    First and foremost if your trying to sign a foreign player he is going to sign for LFC not the manager. It is highly unlikely he has ever heard of the majority of LFC managers of the past never mind the present. However he will of heard of LFC.
    If Rafa managed Wigan do you think he would attract a top star in Spain.
    No he wouldnt because the player would not want to play for Wigan as he would of never heard of them.
    No individual man whatever his greatness is greater and bigger  than the club itself.

  65. I've read quite a lot about LVG being director of football. Can somebody tell me what a director of football actually does and why he's so important? Doesn't it just undermine the manager if there's somebody else making football-related decisions? It sounds like this is a position created by the soulless corporate lizards that have taken over football that don't actually understand that the manager needs to be in charge of the football side of things.

    Can you imagine Fergie, Wenger etc working with someone else making football-related decisions?

  66. I love a lady who gets to the point, no messing about.
    However does one not suppose to have a minimum of home grown players in a team under EPL rules
    The new rules state that clubs must name a squad of up to 25 players, with 8 of those being ‘home-grown’ players. Furthermore, no more than 17 of those players can be over 21 and not home-grown.
    The definition of a home-grown player according to the Premier League is a player that has been trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody within the English and Welsh professional system.
    So technically a home grown player does not have to be English or Welsh he can be foreign providing he has joined you before the age of 18 and been here 3 years. ie Fabregas when at Arsenal was a home grown player.

  67. You say that FSG have behaved disgracefully but surely it would have been worse if they'd spoken to other managers behind KD's back, sacked him and put someone else in straight away?

  68. That was meant as a reply to Brehon, not you Jaimie

  69.  And it would have been worse again if they farted in an elevator or similarly confined space & then tried to blame Kenny for it ....

    So wats yer point ?

    They have behaved disgracefully & thats the bottom line .

  70. Roberto Martinez is in Miami with FSG right now, having flown in from Barbados earlier. This is confirmed by Dave Whelan to ESPN!!!

  71. How have they behaved disgracefully?

  72. Would like to see Van Gaal be manager of whole club..Martinez still has a bit to prove IMO and Liverpool are not in a position to take a gamble three years out of CL places already. Wigan finished strongly but where was Martinez for 3/4 of the season..getting them into trouble in the first place.He could do a job possibly but it would be a leap of faith.

  73. No No No to LVG he isnt a Liverpool Man and never would be he is bigger in his own mind then any Football Club not what is required or wanted here

  74. Whoever LFC get in it will be a gamble like any new manager at any club - even if FSG got Mourinho (has always had loads of money since leaving Porto) or Guardiola (inherited some great players at Barcelona, had loads of money also) there's no way of knowing if it will work out at LFC for sure. Whoever comes in will need to have a very thick skin because when the first defeats come in the new manager will be destroyed by the 'fans' - it will take a very good manager to keep the modern day player in line in those circumstances. Of course they could get Benitez - he has a shield in the shape of 'Istanbul' to defend himself from supporters' criticism when things get rough.

    Van Gaal would be an interesting choice though - his record stands up well. Being sacked doesn't disqualify him (even Ferguson was sacked once). Maybe Martinez or AVB (out of the running now?) as LFC coach, with Van Gaal as DoF. As a two man job it might be possible to handle the pressure. However Van Gaal may have that Dutch stubborn streak (which is why its called the Netherlands, not the Nether Sea), and this can sometimes work against you. Also interesting is that he was once seen as Ferguson's successor at Man Utd back in 2001 (or so Wikipedia says). Would that disqualify him?

  75. I agree that Van Gaal has achieved a lot but I have been living in the Netherlands for 6 years now and decided to mention this to a few Dutch colleagues to get their reactions. Everyone of them said that Liverpool would be mental to hire this ego-maniac so I think we should be careful what we wish for here. They went on to tell me a few stories bout him and he sounds like a nut case who can't wait for the next confrontation. With the opinions I have heard and my own gut instinct, I am really not sure about him.
    My personal preference would be Deschamp but it doesn't look like he is in the running.

    Got Monaco to the CL final - lost to Mourinhos Porto
    Got Juventus promoted back to Serie A in his first season there
    Won the French league with Marseille

    As a player, he won everything that there is to win. Has also played in England and is the right age. In my opinion we should be bending over backwards to get him.

  76. LFC was always the Top and best football club of all times.. LFC status deserves ONLY Top quality proven Managers with the like of Louis V Gaal as Top quality manager..not the likes of martinez or rogers..
    ynwa for life..

  77. Don't think it went quite like that :) Robins was sold to Norwich where he did quite well - Norwich went top of the league after he went there and eventually finished third.

    Its one of the Ferguson myths that he was one game from the sack (FA Cup 3rd round away to Forest, who were decent back then). But without Robins' winning goal against Forest they would not have gone on to win the CUp as they did that season - and given that they spent the whole season in the lower half of the table (and throw in a 5-1 defeat against Man City too) it wouldn't have been too surprising if he had been let go that summer.

  78. You can't have Fergie :)

  79. This is true - but how will the 'Kop' take it if he falls out with Gerrard (who has never been known to 'coast' through games like Rivaldo did at Barcelona)?

  80. Kenny  Won the League Cup & got to the Final of the FA Cup ,

    He entirely rebuilt & galvanized a squad that won nothing in over 6 years & had dropped into the relegation zone on a shoe string , a total cost of around only £30 million .

    He blooded countless youngsters & gave then the time & experience that will be the basis of next seasons success .

    He took the club out of relegation trouble completely .

    He secured a return to European Competition at the 1'st time of asking after a years absence .

    He produced a team that conceded fewer goals than any team in the Premier League other than the top 2

    He produced a team that created more chances than than any team in the Premier League other than the top two .

    He produced a team that wasn’t dependent upon any one individual for its success after years of being a one or two man team .

    He lowered the average age of the squad & regular starting 11 & reduced the wage bill .

    He done all that using a squad with at least 4 less senior players than every squad above us .

    He done all that at the expense of only one minor league place compared to the last time a manager had a full season in charge .

    They didnt give him a bonus & a contract extension for that success like any board with honest ambition & integrity would to encourage future success  ...

    They sacked him instead .

    They sacked him only weeks after publicly backing him .

    They sacked Hodgson only weeks after publicly backing him .

    They sacked Comolli less than a year after they Promoted him .

    They spinelessly allowed the club to be slaughtered by Londons Gutter Press & a Kangaroo Court at the end of a modern day witch hunt & instead of providing legal representation for those involved to ensure their rights were protected they instead scapegoated Kenny & Suarez for abiding by the FA's rules & exercising the players option to have a hearing .

    Not once have they stood by any of their employees , instead thy have bowed to the whims of a perverted , trashy , dishonest Gutter press at each & every opportunity allowing the club & all its fans to be wrongfully painted as some kinda anti social criminals .

    They haven’t spent a single penny on a new stadium & we are no further ahead than we were on the day they took over .

    They are liars .

    They are Frauds .

    They have dragged the club through the gutter to their own trashy level .

    They are a disgrace to the Clubs good name & heritage & they are a disgrace to the people of Liverpool .

    They have made the club so unappealing at least 3 well respected exciting ambitious young managers have publicly asked not to be considered o the job because it would tarnish their growing reputations to be associated with the club under the current ownership .

    They have behaved disgracefully .

    Capisce ?

  81. Not going to happen, it's clear FSG prefer a young manager with an older head as technical director. LVG could well get the technical director's role but I would put massive money on Liverpool's next manager being young as they let the fans have Kenny, they'll go for their way this time.

  82. No, not really. Some of what you said was true, some not.

    Who are these "countless youngsters"?

  83. Bless me Father for I have sinned , its been 25 years since my last confession &  Its a long time since I've been to church , so do bear with me if I fail to live up to the regimented dogma & protocol of your Church .

  84. Agreed. Think he will put a few straight in that squad. We need a tough character at Liverpool, and if it isn't to be Rafa, I would welcome LVG more than any of the other front runners.

  85. It may have a different dynamic if the the dof is an ex manager/coach as opposed to someone like Comolli. Could have its problems.

  86. FSG have behaved pretty well during the process of looking for a new manager. Most of it is just press speculation to make up stories. And of course Dave Whelan who seems to love running off to the press with any bit of news. 

  87. Its a no brainer for me. Id also like him to make carra his assistant then in 3 or 4 years time they have the young manager they want who wud do any thing for the club.

  88.  It couldnt be anything else for you Wee Man .

  89. Jamie, Tom needs a talking to don't you think?

  90. Too easy again Jamie. These people need to start giving you a better challenge.

  91. This lad is the one who is 'out of the game'; completely off his head in other words.

  92. Philtheboymolloy6:56 pm, May 24, 2012

    When you list pros like that a manager always sounds good.  I was totally against AVB until i read a list of pros like the one above about him and i thought bloody hell he sounds amazing!
    At the end of the day whoever we bring in will be a gamble.  even rafa.  The only managersr who kind of guarantee immediate improvement imo is harry redknapp or keegan.  And i dont rate them in the long term. 
    I think they will go with a young manager - like someone said why would they get rid of KK and bring in someone similar?  It will be one of martinez, AVB, rogers.  Whoever it is will get my support

  93.  Surly yer not suggesting I'm being discriminated against in here !!!?

    One rule for Tom & another For me ?

    I dread to think !

  94. Why not get Van Gaal as manager now with Carragher learning from him and in maybe 2 years once he has his badges you wouldn`t get a younger, hungrier manager than Carra. Perfect...!!!

  95. LVG would be an astute move, short term only though, maybe 2-3 seasons to bolster the club, then bring in a younger guy. Martinez, Rodgers AVB may be too soon for them. Whoever they pick we need to give them a chance. YNWA.

  96. van gaal as manager david dein as dof its tht simple to bring success back martinez is the wrong man at the wrong time its absolute insanity to appoint him ahead of van gaal if champs league is to come back to anfield it has to be him not sum1 who has just say avoided relegation in all 3 seasons in charge at wigan

  97. Sounds good to me... at the moment it's all up in the air and bit of a shambles....We know fsg want youth but a steady hand is needed here...... That was why hodgson was hired and that for sure didn't  work  but his cv and van gaals there's just no comparison and this stands a great chance of working. 

  98. best solution is rafa back. we need a man with english experience..........simples

  99. LVG + Laudrup would bring the true Liverpool way of playing back. Read of Laudrup managerial career at wikipedia in english - and you will want him asap. Give him the ressorce and backup of LVG and Fergiscum will never have to look over his shoulder to find LFC in the table again.

  100. They will go with Martinez proving once and for all that we have become a small time mid table club... FSG are clueless morons that have no idea what they are doing....

  101. I believe we will be getting Martinez, i also believe the days of massive wages being paid by Liverpool are a thing of the past.

    FSG are not some sheik or some Russian billionaire, they are in it for the money, and they want Liverpool to be self sufficient.
    The problem is, with Citae and Chelsea being bankrolled by rich oligarchs , and Manure and Arsenal making more money than us, we are in a bit of a pickle.

    We need a new/revamped stadium to up our corporate/ticket revenue.
    so until that happens,  i believe we will have to live within our means, and that means scouting for young unproven talent and bringing them through.

    FSG tried the buy big and British and it backfired, they will now, i believe be some pruning of the squad, getting rid of some big earners who are passed their best, and may be only one marquee signing a year if the money is raised from within the club.

    Tough times are ahead.

  102.  thats benitez down to a t,
    not that i want him back as manager...

  103. only as good as your last.........

  104. if you do your research, you will find that was a myth

  105.  I can see us doing a Leeds under this crowd .

    I can see us equaling Forests record as being the European Cup Winning club who dropped the furthest .

    These guys arent stupid , they are thieving con men & dont give a shlte about the club or the fans .

    As long as they can fill their pockets & keep the bad press away they arent gonna do a thing for the good of the club .

  106. LoL Yea !

    In Rafa we Trust !


  107. I totally agree with Brehon Law on some of the comments. And last time I checked Van Gaal isn't being considered for the manager position... he's up for the director of football position...

  108. Jaimie,

    All I am reading everyday is about speculations and newspaper making their own sensational headlines. I am convinced that they know nothing. As a fan, it is really frustrating. Who do you think stands the highest chance to be the gaffer? Honestly.

  109. kenny dalglish bought andy caroll for 35 million...no need for any more reasons to sack him!

  110. I thought even Americans call themselves Yankie!?

  111. 'He produced a team that conceded the fewer goals other than the top 2'!!! I thought those are Rafa's players..... 

  112. Yeah....in Rafa we trust!!!

  113. We badly need Rafalution II...in Rafa we trust!!

  114. Cohenhaywood109:33 am, May 25, 2012

    He won us the european cup playing his silly chess game.idiot.

  115. Cohenhaywood109:37 am, May 25, 2012

    With all the resources and spending power of these clubs so he should,Martinez would as well with these clubs,The players are already in place all the time.Jobs for the boys.

  116. Cohenhaywood109:41 am, May 25, 2012

    Too much of this going on on these forums,Dont know who they think they are to censor in a country where my grandad died for free speech,Get over yourself or don't write columns.

  117. Cohenhaywood109:46 am, May 25, 2012

    get over yourself was aimed at the one who censored ...not you.I have noticed this happening a lot when i have read these columns.They are more like fsg spokesmen then lfc fans.

  118. Cohenhaywood109:46 am, May 25, 2012

    LOL well said.

  119. Cohenhaywood109:47 am, May 25, 2012

    Go away you miserable g*t

  120. Cohenhaywood109:51 am, May 25, 2012

    It would have been better for the club...But seeing as they know nothing about football it was to be expected.

  121. Cohenhaywood109:56 am, May 25, 2012

    I have to admit,sitting back and watching all this unfold with these greedy owners,Brehon points are spot on and liverpool fans need to accept it quickly.

  122. I wouldn't mind Van Gaal... as long he doesn't try to bring Bolo "as good as Rivaldo" Zenden back. That ship may have sailed. And sunk.

  123. They just seem to be putting obstacles up for the new manager.Clueless suited money addicts.

  124. I think Van-G is about the "toppest" of the pile that LFC could get in our present state. An 4 year contract with him would provide a much better idea of exactly where LFC is going to go. OK he isn't young but with back up there could be someone in place to carry on should he decide enough is enough either for health or family reasons. He fdoes indeed have a fine CV and a very very shrewd knowledge of what football is all about......
    Naturally FSG will go for someone else.

  125. If ya wanna get stupid about it Werent they Roy Evans Players ?

    No matter who signed em the club was in & out of the Relegation zone before Dalglish .

    Under Dalglish 1'st season we had the 3'rd tightest defense in the league .... that isnt just improvement , its an absolutely magnificent improvement !

  126.  Multi Culturalism has heralded in a new intelectual & moral dark age where people slavishly sell themselves to the richest owner .

    This is not the Land your Grandfather  fought & died for , this is a cheap prostituted Slave Society being governed as a colony & not a country .

    Rule Britania no more because Britain now well & truly are slaves .

    Your Grandfather is turning in his grave .

  127. Van Gaal for manager and Laudrup as his assistant

  128. You have the worst blog! Your writings are terrible! Ban me go on! Won't be visiting again anyway.

  129. better future u r a moron!!! Benitez is a legend

  130. Although I agree we need a strong manager it is more about being a fair manager, giving players a chance and sticking with players who do well. Souness was a strong manager but ruined the club. On the Official History of LFC by BBC back in 1987 Bob Paisley was asked what was the secret of Liverpool's success. He said that no-one had ever tried to 'rule the roost' at the club and that it had never been allowed at Liverpool. I don't want a manager who creates friction with players simply for the sake of it. But we do need someone who can deal with the myriad of opinions from the press, from fans & from ex-players. How many times when we see AC miss a chance does the camera jump to a watching Ian Rush, as if to say, 'he'd have scored'. When Paisley took over from Shanks they had to stop Shanks from coming to watch the players train as they kept calling him boss. So we need someone who is tactically aware but can rise above the clamor from some fans every time we play bad or lose a match. Someone who doesn't give a toss how many European cups we have because he is only interested in how many he can win with LFC. Most of all, someone who can instill confidence in the players so that they feel '10 feet tall' when they go out there to play. Maybe then we can have a real shot at winning the league.