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3/15/2012 02:00:00 pm

Liverpool FC set to miss out on Luis Garcia's £10m-rated cousin...

When Rafa Benitez was in charge of Liverpool, he tried to sign Real Madrid's 'B' Team midfielder Javi Garcia. The move didn't happen, but the Spaniard's Agent recently revealed that a 'good offer' in the summer could secure his services. Unfortunately, Garcia recently signed a new contract, so it looks like any potential move for the player is now dead. Or is it?

Benitez's interest in the player was confirmed by Garcia in 2007:

"My colours are Real Madrid but if it's impossible to play there then England is a sensational country and Liverpool is a historic club."

Liverpool were linked with Garcia again recently, and two weeks ago, his Agent Manuel Garcia Quilon revealed that 'several Premier League clubs' were tracking the £10m-rated midfielder, and that if a 'good offer' came in at the end of the season, Benfica would consider it.

Then, in an interview with Radio TSF, Quillon confirmed that no offers had yet been received. Now, seemingly out of the blue, Garcia has signed a new contract. He told Benfica TV:

"I hope I stay for Benfica for many more years. I want to win titles, but the most important thing is to feel the support from the club and the fans."

This seems like a strange move considering his Agent's insistence that Garcia - who is a cousin of former Liverpool player Luis Garcia - would leave at the end of the season.

Admittedly, it could be a tactical move to ensure that if Garcia does leave, the buying club will have to pay big bucks to buy out his contract, thus ensuring he doesn't leave for a reduced fee.

Jaimie Kanwar


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Ashfah Hussain said...

Chi Bai lu, how good is this guy? Just as Anthony is the cousin of Steven Gerrard does it mean that the former would be as good as the latter?

John Smith1 said...

So agent say's possibility of my player moving, then player signs new contract at Benfica!! Nothing to do with agent trying to smoke out interest in order for his player to get that extra 10k a wk. Now where is that pinch of salt?

Houkura said...

If we bought every player that this blog exclaims we MUST buy..we could start a league....and it's not even transfer window.

Jaimie K said...

Where did I say we 'must' buy Garcia? Oh that's right, I didn't.

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