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6 Feb 2012

LFC Hero: Liverpool fans will think Kenny has 'lost his marbles...'

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Luis Suarez is back for Liverpool, and most fans will be hoping that he goes straight back into the starting line-up to face Spurs tonight. Is that going to happen though? Liverpool are in a great run of form, and is breaking up a winning team the best thing to do at this stage? For Liverpool legend Steve Nicol, it's not even up for debate: Suarez must start.

Speaking on the ESPN TV channel over the weekend, Nicol argued:

"I think anyone who watches the game and sees Luis Suarez isn't starting will think Kenny has lost his marbles.

"They need him; he's a fantastic player, and he'll get the other players going even more than the have been recently, particularly against a Spurs team that is absolutely on fire.

"When you have a talent like Suarez, you have to play him, and unfortunately, Andy Carroll is going to be benched".

Is Suarez fit enough to start? He definitely should be as players are not banned from training whilst they're suspended. His match fitness may not be as high as it was pre-suspension but I doubt that will make a significant difference.

As I argued last week though, I think it's possible that Suarez will start on the bench, which could alleviate the pressure on him.

It will also be interesting to see how the Spurs fans respond to Suarez tonight; I've always found their fans to be comparatively moderate and intelligent, so if the Uruguayan gets booed every time he touches the ball, that won't bode well for treatment at other grounds in the future.

I'm sure Liverpool fans will drown out any booing though, and if Suarez can get on the scoresheet, that would be fantastic.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. ****BREAKING NEWS**** ENRIQUE OUT WITH HAMSTRING INJURY. Will Kelly cover Bale at right back?!

  2. Spurs fan, I doubt we will bother booing Suarez he is in my opinion your only class player and we appreciate him as a footballer so I wont be booing for sure.

    A reply to the breaking news, where is this info about Enrique, there rumours going around that Kaboul is out, no offical word on either rumour

  3. So Charlie Adam isn't world class then? you were desperate for him but we got him. if you had him then you would have been champs this season

  4. Yeah mate, Gerrard's not world class is he?

    Cited by lots of world class players who is asked who the best midfielder in the world is.

    Definitely not world class.

    I think the "intelligent" adjective can be dropped when describing some Spurs fans from now on

  5. And Reina
    As far as Suarez is concerned if they feel he only has say 30 mins id have him come off the bench. But I think he should be good for longer so why waste him.

  6. Not sure but this season, average per game, I think we have scored more without Suarez in the team, than we do with him in the team.


  7. Charlie Adam....world class?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!


  8. Your not a true fan you why can't you see that Charlie Adam is world class then

  9. A goalless draw at Anfield is always the likely result. Liverpool fans must hope Carroll picks up an injury before the Cardiff match or KD will stick him in for sure and that will definitely tilt it Cardiff's way. Useless is too polite a word to describe him - he must rank amongst the worst buys in the history of the club.

  10. That's funny joke. 

  11. Did anyone see Carroll's miss? I'm not talking about the ball he put out for a corner when he was trying to pick out Kelly. 

  12. I saw it! He did show a great first touch to set himself up for that miss! If he only had more composure, he would HAVE buried it! What's great is that Carroll is finally showing more hunger with each passing game and showing greater awareness of his teammates. With each game, we're getting a clearer picture of what he's about. He's our best option for popping balls behind defensive lines for our other forward players to run onto because his marker will stick to him, leaving at least a 1 person space and playing his beneficiary onside.

  13. Jamie you need to ignore Nichol,he's no idea!

  14. You are right, Nicol. Kenny's strategy backfired.

  15. Cause he is MILES away from being class!!!

  16. Yeah Paddy! That had me rolling around the floor as well.What a waste of space he is.

  17. I said there would be no result as soon as I saw Adam also in the line up. same thing against Cardiff I predict.