10/03/2011 01:46:00 am

VIDEO: Luis Suarez gets angry with Charlie Adam before the Everton game...

One of the great things about Luis Suarez is his ultra-competitive streak and will to win, and it's served Liverpool well since he arrived at Anfield. The Uruguayan's competitive nature is not just reserved for opposition players though, as the following video shows.

In the warm-up before the Everton game on Saturday, Suarez positioned the ball in order to practice a free kick; a sprinkler suddenly came on and, well, see for yourself :-)

Suarez taking the warm-up a little too seriously, perhaps?

All great players have a little bit of fire about them, and Suarez is no exception.

Jaimie Kanwar


Alvaro said...

I don't think he was mad at Adam man. He was upset because of the sprinkler, which obviously was turned on purpose by the Everton workers.

Guest said...

Yes,turned on to deliberately water the pitch.....................

thinagaran krishnan said...

even charlie adam not taking it Seriously.why you guys so sensitive.

Arv S said...

lo now I am angry at the video poster.. wasted my time.

Stuartsudworth1 said...

jaimie probably thinks is karma as he dont like suarez anyway.

RedJersey said...

What a crock, Charlie points out that the sprinkler has come on, and Luis reacts to that not Charlie, really Jamie, i have read many of your posts, and you seem to have an agenda against, the club, the manager, the players, former managers, give it a rest mate. And just support the team.

Jaimie K said...

Jesus, take a chill pill. It's supposed to be am amusing incident; not a critique. That much is obvious. Stop being so hyper-sensitive.

RedJersey said...

Headline: Luis Suarez gets angry with Charlie Adam before Everton game.

If its a bit of fun why state that headline Jamie, just to get people to read it i suppose, its a none story.

And if it was just for amusement, why the tag at the bottom:

Suarez taking the warm-up a little too seriously, perhaps?

And if its not a critique Jamie, then coming from you that would be a first :-)

Jay Wright said...

lol it's funny how people will attempt to convince themselves of whatever they want to see, even with the contrary evidence right in front of their eyes!

Honkam said...

dont know if the guy who posted this viedeo is red or blue ,but ive read a few of his articles in the recent past and they all seem anti liverpool, i suggest that the next time he post any thing regarding lfc is that he puts his name to the post in broad letters so most lfc fans can avoid them.because he has  a very negative view of the team and management

Arebee said...

"Suarez taking the warm-up a little too seriously, perhaps?" Yes he did say this, nut the next line, "All great players have a little bit of fire about them, and Suarez is no exception". Hardly a scathing criticism .

RedJersey said...

Arebee, take a chill pill, its all supposed to be just for amusement, as Jamie says. What i am trying to point out is, yet again Jamie finds something negative to write about (read his many other posts).

The head line insinuates that something was wrong between Suarez and Adam, when clearly its the sprinkler.

The headline is the problem, it is meant to draw you in, and it does, to find that the truth bears no resemblence to the Headline, and if you have read Jamies posts, you will see that there is always a little dig however subtle.

Thats the point i was making. :-)

Jaimie K said...

No, you've got your head in the sand. Suarez kicks the ball away because he's angry at Adam for moving the ball away. This is as plain as day; Suarez even looks in Adam's direction and makes a signal as if to say 'why did you move the ball?!".

Angry at the sprinkler? Don't be daft - the headline is accurate: he was, as a matter of fact, angry at Adam.

Jay Wright said...

Be real with yourself mate - admitting that Suarez was clearly frustrated with Adam doesn't make you a traitor! Likewise, maintaining this silly pretence about the sprinkler in the guise of 'supporting the team', in spite of the contrary video evidence, doesn't make you a superfan.

It just makes you look a little "simple" really...

jj said...

My be Suarez is still angry Adam was brought to replace Raul Meirles!
Any one noticed how well Meirles is doing at Chelsea and how he has carried on from last season? 

RedJersey said...

JW maybe your right, maybe he was kicking the ball away because Charlie moved it on him, to save him getting wet.

But you being more "simple", and not getting the point i was making. So i will put it simply to you



Mikehinden said...

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NOW from me, that
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Bonds said...

I think Adam should apologize him. He shouldnot do what he did to Suarez. It is a bad manner.

Honkam said...

he is a quality guy, i read some where when he had not been in the uk long,that he donates half his wages to a cancer charity,because his father and brother both had suffered from it

Pistolero said...

jaimie kanwar. .......show. ur face.... be a man @ dnt use internet to show ur disrespect for lfc if i meet u i swear il break   ur face coward stop irritatin lfc get a life and stop being  a nerd  a@Sh0le 

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