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30 Oct 2011

DALGLISH: "It's going to be painful" - Yes, if Liverpool continue to play like that...

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Is it just me, or is the quality of Liverpool's performance against West Brom being wildly exaggerated? Kenny Dalglish raved about his players after the game (to be expected) but I would argue that it was one of Liverpool's most underwhelming performances of the season.

In a post-match interview, Dalglish enthused:

"If we can play like that every week then some day we're going to put them all in, and It's going to be rather painful for someone.

"I think they deserved the victory; I think they played really well…I don't think that anyone can doubt that they played really well today".

Liverpool clearly deserved the victory but did the team really play that well overall? I don't think so. West Brom were atrocious for most of the match; they basically handed the game to Liverpool on a silver platter, but in the second half, the team couldn't capitalise.

Outside the obvious Spurs defeat, I can't remember a game this season where the ball was given away so much; where so many moves broke down; where Liverpool struggled for fluidity in the final third, especially in the second half.

Liverpool's failure to make any progress against a desperately poor West Brom side was uncomfortable viewing at times, and the inability to finish things off ultimately allowed Roy Hodgson's team back into the game, especially in the latter stages, where they created several good chances.

As we've seen several times this season already (Norwich; Man United; Sunderland etc), any other half-decent side would've punished Liverpool, but today, Liverpool got lucky due to the ineptitude of the opposition.

Remember, Gerrard aside, this one of the club's strongest attacking line-ups, with almost £100m worth of attacking talent on the field, but just like in previous games, Liverpool couldn't make it count.

It's also interesting to note that despite West Brom's abject performance, they still managed 6 shots on target, which is just one less than Liverpool. In such a one-sided match, you'd think these figures would be worlds apart.

It's great to win, but this game was not a a real test by any stretch of the imagination, and it's definitely not a sign (IMO) that the team is improving. Play like that against Man City, and it could be us on the end of a 6-1 hammering.

Dalglish said after the game that he'd like the team to play like that every week. Well, if that happens, then Liverpool will probably draw or get beaten every week.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Very comfortable win for the mighty redmen. I was confident going into it, after our showing at Stoke. The more i see of Jose Enrique, the more i love the guy. Simply the best left back in the league bar none in my opinion. Strong as an ox, rarely beaten and defensively sound. A real snip at 6 million. Certain supporters might say West Brom were poor and never turned up but i'd like to take the opposite route. We made them look poor. We imposed our game and will on the Baggies and they couldn't compete or live with us.

    Superb performances from Skrtel,Enrique, Lucas and Suarez in particular. A real collective effort. Downing has gone off the boil the past 4 weeks and Henderson remains "subdued". Until Henderson finds a defind role in the team, in particular, in the center of the park he'll remain on the periphery. Needs to play centrally. At the moment, he's putting a shift in without consistent quality. Hopefully that comes in time. Great to see Carroll score. i felt his build up play was much improved. That goal will do his confidence no harm. What can we say about Suarez. True brilliance and ability. Consistently good. Swansea at home next week. Someone is going to take a hiding soon. Beware Brenden Rodgers.

    What i will say Jamie is, henderson as a right winger will never work and Downing is proving what an average player he truly is. Wasn't a fan before he signed and i think i have and will be proven right on him. Not good enough. we need some quality on the flanks in january

  2. I dont think youve a clue about football to be honest.

  3. God is there ever a positive blog on this site? did you even watch the game? sure it was easy , but we won .. we created more chances , more poss, more corners more then anything to west brom .. even when they got foward i wasnt worried because we were solid at the back thanks to carragher not playing and hoofing it up the field , that is the best our defence has played this season .. WBA played bad but we made them just as bad.
    we are creating chances in every game more then anyone in the league , we have conceded the 3rd least amount of goals in the league.
    please stop with the negativity.

  4. I am so sick of people like you.I'm not interested in your bitching about whether what I write is positive or negative; If you can't hack the critical approach then go to some other site. If you'd like to give your views on the game etc then go ahead, but if you or anyone else bitches about me being critical, you'll be permanently banned.

  5. Just a note to commentors: Any post bitching about me being critical will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.  If you can't hack the critical approach (which is what this site is all about), then go somewhere else.  I'm not interested in people bitching about me being critical; these are my views, and I'm entitled to them, just as you are entitled to yours.

  6. we are only a few points behind chelsea and if we beat them we go 3rd .. its only just coming up to november .. if we dont make the top 4 by may no matter how bif of a legend dalglish is , he has to go . but the season hasnt even started .. try supporting the team and finding positives , im not saying that you cant have a go , but we just won .. you moan when we win and moan when we lose.

  7. ''Just a note to commentors: Any post bitching about me being critical will be deleted, and the poster will be banned. If you can't hack the critical approach (which is what this site is all about), then go somewhere else''..

    Ahhh i see you can have you're opinion of being critical , but we cant be critical of you're opinion? great stuff.

  8. Yes, and if you don't like it, go to a different site. You should attack the argument, not the person.  That is a basic principle of debate.

    I am being critical of the team, not an individual, and the points I've made are valid (and I'm sure plenty of other fans feel the same way).  Just because you want to live in a dreamworld where everything is perfect doesn't mean everyone has to.

  9. Fact is that most of our opponents are of the standard of West Brom

    Early goals kill these teams off, but we must be more clinical

    At 2-0 up the game seemed over but we sat back a little, if they had scored who knows what would've happened

    But if we start games like we did today and Suarez stays fit I think we can get a top 4 finish




  11. Jamie, I don't always agree with your articles, but in this case, we were obviously watching the same match. A win is a win, but WBA were POOR! LFC need to step it up if they want that top four position. Unfortunately, Downing again was anonymous for me (must be psychological) and Adam didn't dictate. Main positives were a clean sheet (although they almost conspired to spoil that) and a more determined performance by Andy Carroll, which was justly rewarded with a goal.

  12. You're entitled to your opinion just as we're entitled to our opinion about your opinion or are we living in Nazi Germany?

  13. I remember when beating teams like stoke and west brom were anything but certain.  we seem to be putting these games to bed now so that's good enough for me.  t's not like were struggling to target their keepers ne(most games) because yesterday alone we had 17+ shots.  Not bad by anybodys standards.

    And as for 100 mil of talent striking that's nothing, most have that just sat on the bench nowadays.

  14. how does that work then? you voice your meagre opinion for people to read and you cant take negative feedback about your article??? you sound like someone who loves to dish out criticism but struggles immensely to handle any about himself...... tut tut mate. ps your articles are never much of a read anyway you just love to babble......get a new hobbie sunshine! 

  15. well you say we are entitled to our opinion but whenever someone disagrees with you seem to say we will be banned or the certain post will be deleted make up your mind...

  16. "Just a note to commentors: Any post bitching about me being critical will be deleted, and the poster will be banned"

    lol if you dont agree with Jaimie you will get banned. why even bother having a section were readers can post their reactions and views? censorship at its finest Jaimie.

  17. u right Jaimie and i dont usually  agree with some of ur views more especially rafa, but that game was atrocious , what a bore, the penalty changed everything (plus i dont think we desevered it ) add that to,  sorry to say. Roy Hodgson's luck of managerial skills , tactic know how ( just sit and makes  disgruntled  expressions) essentially what he did at liverpool from our second match against man city and onwards, liverpool where exceptionally poor but most of boring, Kenny is lost in his own hype, trying to recreate the past, suarez is class act, lucas of all people actually looks good, but the rest, carool, downing, henderson adam = sad,  adam had a few alonso like passed but thats it, we r not playing well, maybe we might get better, but one thing is starting to look certain, Arsenal r on the up and i think they will make 4th, sorry to say but King Kenny jus doesn't cut it for me, poor signing now poor play.

    p.s i lived in australia for 9 years, never have i ever been so bored with liverpool that i decided to to go to bed to   catch withsleep than watch them!!!

  18. Yes, Lucas is not up to the mark as a
    Liverpool player. I think my Malaysia captain Shafie Sali should be given a trial at Anfield and I believe the latter is much a better player.

  19. With a reply like that, you sound hypocrite. Grow up kiddo

  20. I wonder if it could be kept to analysing the game rather than going on about whether people are banned or not. The fact is that in general Liverpool played well but they aren't putting away enough of their chances to kill teams off. We are not going to win the league this season but if they keep improving like this then we have a good chance of Champions League next year. 

  21. I have been to this site quite a few times over the last couple of months. I don't actually think these articles are your real opinions, I think you just try get people to visit the site by being "controversial".
    I will do you a favour and save you the need to ban me as I won't bother revisiting the site. 

  22. Jaimie  I AGREE with you
    At times I found our low level of play, our inability to keep control esp 2nd half and most of all out failure to kill off the game frustrating- I was not confident until the 93rd minute. Downing Henderson Adam are not playing (or poss capable of playing) at the level required to be genuine top 4 contendors. Reina is also going thjrough a bad spell which a top 4 side would exploit so KD was wearing his red coloured spectacles when giving his post match analysis - but a win is a win

  23. Whats the problem? We couldnt beat Sunderland, Utd and Norwich when we fully deserved to as you say but we did beat a poor West Brom who didnt turn up. The fact is we won, and we drew vs the above 3 when we should have won. At the end of the day, the win matters, not the performance. When we played great vs Norwich but didnt win, everyone got mad because we didnt win... Not because of our performance.

    This is not having a go at you if thats how it sounds btw...

  24. All teams in the Premier League are having troubles of some sort!
    How problems have mainly been infront of goal,the passing and movement is there or we would n't be getting the chances to score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and is coming together more every game.What about the 10 shots off target and the 10 corners to Broms 4 off target and 3 corners?
    You thought we would lose Jaimie and we did n't it could of been a diificult away fixture and it was n't, we have picked up 3 points and a clean sheet with another new back 4 and Carroll scored and could of had a hattrick.

  25. Rohan - you can 'have a go' as much as you like; tear my arguments to shreds if you like; I have no problem with that. A problem only arises when people start hurling insults, or start attacking the person instead of the argument.

  26. You mean Lucas who holds the midfield together who hit the pass out to Suarez who then played in Carroll to score?

  27. Have n't we already played Arsenal and Man U and took 4 points should of been 6?
    A poor display against Spurs which as been the only game where we did n't create anything and never looked like winning every other game this season we could have or should have won.
    So where are we in the league then if we are not capable of being top 4 contenders?
    Are n't we sitting 5th in the league 7 games undefeated in league and cup and looking like we are going in the right direction with a new team quarter finals of the League cup the way you are talking it sounds like are sitting midtable with no hope of the team going forward.

  28. Yes, if you take a short term view of things. You ignore the fact we've dropped 6 points at home with three draws; that we're struggling to finish our chances; that we can't finish teams off; that the performance against West Brom was concerning because they were ridiculously poor. Obviously, we can take the positives, but it's good (IMO) to consider where the team needs to improve. Or are you suggesting everything is perfect; everyone is playing at the top of their game, and nothing can be improved?

  29. I disagree it's coming together more and more with each game. How can that be true when prior to West Brom, we'd drawn the previous two league games? It doesn't matter if we have 100 chances; they don't count if we can't convert.

    Dalglish always goes on about the importance of the overall performance of the team; In this case, performance level dropped (IMO) against West Brom compared to the last few weeks.

  30. Managers sometimes say things to press to get their players in the right mood for next games. after Norwich game, Daglish said harsh words about the the team. he said we missed loads of chances and we were noty that clever defending.
    yesterday, we played well as we control the game for 90 minutes, we didnt waste many chances and scored tow goals. and defended really very, I call that a very good performance and very clinical.
    I agree with you that we hardly came out of second gear but if we won then that is good enough.
    bear in mind that we had few injures and Suarez was not 100% fit.
    after last week King Kenny having a go at the team, team listened to him and improved in those weakness so this week, he s prasied them. rightly so. he also need to boost the teams confidence as we got Chelsea, and Mancity in next couple weeks.

  31. Jaimie,

    Don't hide behind the personal attacks argument when you get criticised.
    Just look at your headline. You complain when we lose, you complain when we win. Tell me if we 'played like that' and won every game and we won the league playing 'like that' would you still be complaining? 

    There should be a valid reason to complain you just complain for the sake of it...

  32. I've read 2 of your articles this morning and in both you've been negative towards the team, since the spurs game this team have been slowly improving fact, we're starting to pick up some momentim now so lets keep it positive.Lets see how we measure up to Chelsea and Man City over the next few weeks before you go off on your next one.

  33. moan moan moan blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  34. Based on last nite performance, is not top 4 quality !! Lots and lots of improvement is needed!! There is no flare in attack at all !!

  35. Lol the penalty changed everything, it was 9 mins into the game

  36. you say he moans if we win or lose were in 5th place playing well,then u talk about dalglish going if we dont get 4th get behind him not on his back

  37. i agree we did not play as good as i have seen us this season but it does go to show that even if we play below par we can still beat teams like west brom. over the last few games we have played better but come out with a draw. at least this time the score line reflected the effort put in. this year i think the league will be very tight again and i do hope we finish in the top 4. if we dont i will not be joining the fans who think we need a manager change, we should stick with kenny and give him time. if we can give houllier and benitez 5 years then i think we should give kenny the same. We question players loyalty all the time to belive in a clubs project, this time it is the fans that should belive in KK's project. I have mentioned before, it is the first proper year of this new management and it is getting better and better.

  38. Good call on Reina. One of the best, but his level has dropped over the last couple of seasons. Cech also. I remember when those two were battling it out for the title of most clean sheets in a season - seems like a long, long time ago. 

  39. i would love junior hoilett and sessegnon at anfeild in jasnuary two players with flair and creativity who casn actually teurn on ther ball in midfeild and who would look comfortable on the ball and they should be less that ten million apiece

  40. Actually I'm taking the long view that we have had a steady start and now hopefully the new team can carry on from the platform they have built in the first 11 games of the season and make something of the season.
    You seem to expect perfection from a new team of players who have only just started to play together, takes time to build a new team and play fast one touch pass and move football.
    How many teams in the Premier League play short quick incisive passing game Arsenal do but have a useless back 4 Chelsea and Man U are having ago but both of them are showing defencive fralities.
    This is where I think we have an advantage the defence which has had the Rafa teachings and now Steve Clarke I think we have had the least amount of shots at our goal this season but for some reason even under Rafa when we concede a goal we have only scored 1 or none!
    We have the master in Kenny to teach the art of pass and move football like last season with the destruction of Man City,Man United,Birmingham,Newcastle and Fulham last season to name a few.

  41. Jaimie, i have ignored the more sensational parts of your post (they're a bit tedious), and summarised the main points from your post.

    1) Liverpool didn't play well, but "clearly deserved" to win; and
    2) kenny's dalglish talked up the performance, but that was "to be expected"

    Is that it??? Really??

  42. So, Liverpool didn't play well, but deserved to win; and kenny talked up the performance, but that was to be expected. Not sure what all the fuss is about (or indeed why it takes 300 odd words to convey these points).

  43. Subdued performance - off the back of a tough match with Stoke, a number of team changes plus the umpteenth different back 4.

    Yes we weren't as fluid as we have been - but we didn't really need to be, sometimes you can get dragged down to the level that the other team is trying to impose.

    Workmanlike performance and once the second went in unless the Baggies came out all guns blazing in the first 10 mins of the 2nd half we could just play within ourselves.

    Beat what's in front of you and move on to the next game.

  44. yeaah dalglish has spent alot of money and he said he has to get top 4 himself  so of course he will be under pressure if he dosent get it.

  45. Stop sniping about the site. If you don't like it, don't visit. Your views are welcome but please stick to debating the issues.

  46. November will be Kenny's toughest challenge since his return.  

  47. I too hope liverpool dont play that way every game,WBA were very poor
    and the red men only a little better,too many players being carried in this team of ours,henderson,downing carroll and adam.

  48. I agree November and the Christmas period has always been really poor for us over the 10 years or so.  However I also believe resisting the urge to play Carra as soon as he is fit will be just as big a challenge to Kenny. 

    The difference between our Norwich and West Brom performances were a solid CB pairing who didn't only talk a good game but played one.  Last season in the same fixture odemwingie tore Carra to pieces.  Skrtel and Agger put in a really mature performance yesterday.  They deserve a chance to build on it.

  49. i think this game was an opportunity to play henderson in the middle,he's ineffective on the wing.downing is getting worse every game,hasn't lived up to the promise of his debut.we really lacked urgency yesterday.
    would like to see some pace in the team in january,adam johnson is an obvious choice,an outside bet would be hoilett at blackburn,a very good young player.

  50. I agreed with Jaimie ... Pool was boring & subdue for most of the game and won largely because of the poor opposition. Suarez lively, threatening but can't finish .. Carroll is lucky to score ... didn't look like a 35 mil footballer. Suarez/Caroll partnership still have a long way to go. Henderson, Downing & Adam again didn't impress.

    Don't understand how Dalglish can praise such a display. I'll said we're lucky to be playing a very West Brom.

  51. You're right, we did not play well. 

    But thankfully we won, even if it was an ugly win, just like Man U have been doing for years.

  52. I would say that judging by this article the author knows little about football.

  53. Rest of the players just need to take lessons from Suarez. He first touch passed many balls coming into him, he was cool calm and collective when putting in that final third pass, he was the spark to the team. He was so good he made the rest of the players around him look like headless chickens. The match commentator was right, Suarez alone is worth the ticket purchase. I can't fathom how Liverpool will play without Suarez on the pitch. Even if he doesn't finish his chances, his contribution to the team in value is more than a goal. Could you say the same for other strikers around the world?

  54. hahaha I wonder how dippresing it is for Jamie that even when Liverpool win he is not happy and has to air all his concernes. Cheer up lad no one will ever win all games with perfect football. 

    Analizing a bit the article and summarising it to a few words what jamie is saying is that if Man utd, chelsea and Man City win ugly it's because they have the winning mentality but if Liverpool win ugly its a cause for concern!!

    Since when did a team win the premier league having won all games with nice free flowing football??

    Come on guys reds fans are all about supporting the team and I think that even thinking about giving judgment on this game is offensive for the hard work the team and the staff has put in.

    As for the players that we have bought I think all of them have improved since the first game they played for Liverpool. I think it's just a matter of giving them time to get used of the new players around them. Especially Carroll who in his previous team he was the centre of attention and everyone was playing to his strengths. Now he is playing in a team trying to play a pass and move game and having a partner which is excelling at the game and dwarfing every thing he is doing.

    I also think that JJ was spot on with his comments.


  55. I'm not depressed at all; I prefer to look at both sides rather than just going over the top with positivity. Excessive positivity is just as bad as excessive negativity; for, realism is always the best way to go, and Liverpool did not play well for periods of the game yesterday.

    If people want to get carried away and make out that Liverpool played like Barcelona and totally annihilted West Brom then that's their choice. That is nowhere near the truth though, and whether people want to accept it or not, it's a concern that the team couldn't play better against a woeful West Brom team.

  56. Spot on, if he came out and said we played crap what would the players think. Just seems people like to criticise no matter what and then think their opinion is right.

  57. If a manager exaggerates the quality of a performance it doesn't mean we have to follow like sheep and agree. If that's what floats your boat then carry on.

    No one was suggesting that KD should come out and say the team played crap; I have no idea where you got that from.

  58. are you a scout for lfc? maybe you have credentials that would get you a job? nice one!

  59. realism is whats needed. but that comes by analysing a group of performances and statisics not just one game as there are too many variables. to be honest i wish people applied a bit more of a long term view to these kind of subjects rather than one game. I do find it very amusing that people talk about kenny being 'got rid of ' if we dont get fourth, personally these people should be removed the same as people that send abuse - at the end of the day it's bullshit as well!

  60. Anybody notice we lacked ideas upfront yesterday?

  61. I think most baggies fans would agree with your article. Liverpool were nothing special, Albion were dreadful and handed the game on a plate to liverpool. If we played like that against either of the manchester clubs we would get a serious hiding. Early dodgy penalty didn't help though.

  62. Only time we lacked ideas was when Suarez did n't square it 3 or 4 times to Carroll for some 6 yard tap ins!

  63. Absolutely 1,000,000% disagree.  We played effectively, away from home with a potential banana skin in front of us.  Of course the manager is going to be pleased.  I think your interpretation of what KD is flawed and unnecessarily nit picking.

  64. This thread is your most ridiculous to date JK  .

    Simply put , if we play like that against Man City we wont get beat 6-1 , we will win .

    Like it or Like it not that was Title winning football yesterday , Premier League winning football & Champions League winning Football .

    It wasn’t perfection but tactically & technically it was very close .

    It was masterful .

    Add in a serving of consistency anytime now & it wont be long before we are gathering silverware on a regular basis once again .

    Last time I seen us play like that was the last time we won the league .

    Last time we even came close to playing with that kinda authority ?

    We finished 2'nd under Benetiz .

    We werent flash & we werent fancy , we done the simple things well & it gives me great pleasure to say this , we looked like a well oiled machine .

    Charlie Adam was brilliant in Midfield .

    Suarez & Carroll linked so well I'm actually beginning to believe they might yet enjoy each others company !

    Suarez didn’t score but that was one of the best if not THE best I have seen him play for us since he joined .

    Best as a very sharp , very dangerous part of a match winning TEAM.

    Yes he has had better individual moments & he will continue to do so but from back to front we looked like we were all on the same page  .

    I dont want to speak too soon but Gerrard & Carra both are going to have to adapt & work very hard to remain regulars in the starting 11 after that performance .

    You may think Chelski & Man City are scoffing at West Brom but you are very wrong .

    Dalglish's name alone ensures we are on everyone’s radar & you can bet your bottom dollar that Chelski are agonizing about their up coming League & League Cup games  with us after their defeat yesterday , they would have loved to have made a statement against Arsenal to get our attention .

    If we take at least 5 points from our next 3 games thats going to be taken as a massive statement by all before us as we go into December gathering momentum , form & familiarity with each other & familiarity with winning with together .

    Take this as you may but you are reading like a man that only ever watchs a 90 minute game when LFC are playing & then compares that to the Highlights of other games shown on MOTD or some similar show .

    Any & all LFC fans who arent clinically depressed or are otherwise suffering from some other form of mental illness should be really happy with yesterdays ending to a run of very tough fixtures before it .

  65. There are stats on the LFC website saying the midfield players passing accuracy is  79.3%  on average with only 12.9% of them being long ball .
    Kuyt has the worse at 76.4% in the midfield not to bad for a converted striker!
    Some say the midfield and the new signings in midfield can't pass but with those stats signs are good for the rest of the season.

  66. It was 'masterful'?

    You're clearly a fantasist, but if you find that level of performance against the worst team we've played this season satisfying, the good for you.

  67. 25 Years United: Sir Alex youtube.com/ferguson25New series with unseen footage from Fergie’s 25 year reignwhy is this on a LFC website in the ad choice is Jaimie now showing his true colours? 

  68. Oh come on now Brehon, your posts are becoming ridiculous,  'title winning performance', 'masterful'.  Anybody with half a sense can now see you're not genuine with your 'over the top compliments' of the current Liverpool team.  

    You're just trying to create attention.

    You give the impression that LFC fans should support the club, which includes the team.  However, you've abused Houllier, Benitez and Hodgson.  Anybody see a pattern?  God forbid Kenny is a failure at LFC, are you going to abuse him too after he's left?

    You're like a feather that flies in the winds, that which has no stability.

  69. Still pretending to be a Liverpool fan Kanwar. You lying fraudulent cunt.

  70. Hopefully they give Tony Silva a chance from the reserves strong Portuguese winger should n't of let Tom Ince go in the summer been out on loan and did well but still did n't get a chance when he came back both are a real box of tricks and deserve and deserved a run out in the first team.

  71. Don't you make a team look bad by out playing them in every department of the game closing down,winning tackles,passing well and finishing well?
    Everywhere I have read today has given us a good write up thats is everywhere except for here from our Jaimie!

  72. If a manager exaggerates the quality of a performance in a post-match interview it doesn't mean he's not going to be more critical behind closed-doors.

    Similarly, if you exaggerate the negative aspects of our performance(s) on your site, then as a fellow red i'd like to think that behind closed-doors you are appreciating the steady improvement in the side.

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  74. And you are like a drowning man , clearly clutching at straws in sheer desperation .

    I haven’t once abused Hodgson , Houllier or Benetiz & as a matter of fact I on more than one occasion referred to both Hodgson & Benetiz as "Very Competent Managers"

    I never mentioned Houllier once .

    As for the impression you say I am giving , well isnt is implied in the very term itself ?

    I kno yer kinda slow on the uptake so I'll put it this way ...

    What else is a "SUPPORTER" supposed to be apart from a "SUPPORTER" ?

    In an attempt to create a different context you have also attributed a quote to me which isnt mine , I didnt refer to yesterdays game as a "title winning performance" & I'd appreciate it if you refrained from allowing your desperation to cast you in such a malicious & dishonest light .

  75.  Yes JK , masterful .

    We were masterful in possession & we were masterful in limiting their options when they had possession .

    We ran them into the ground with our possession game as we worked openings in the final third .

    Its not kick & rush schoolboy counterattacking Man Utd tactics , I acknowledge as much but equally you must acknowledge the intricacy’s of the game in general even if you continue to refuse to acknowledge LFC's excellence yesterday, that is if you are to retain any shred of credibility in your future comments .

  76. just waitin for carroll to hit top form an d we will have the best strike force in the premiermship downing i have to say is not good enough for 20 million could have got arda turan for half the money twice the plkayer

  77. JJ's on a hat trick & JK hasnt even got close to a reply !

  78. Okay you never made such comments, you're honest and we're all liars.  

  79.  Who is this we ?

    My comment was directed to you & you alone .

  80. 3 league games Swansea h Chelsea a Man City h.
    With the Carling cup quarter final at the end of the month.
    So what would be a good month I hope for 3 or 5 or 6 points all nine and Carling cup semi finalists would be something :)   

  81. 2-0 will do great score would n't you say:) Clean sheet as well!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I can't continue to play cat n mouse with you.  This is the same chap who called Torres a 'pansy' then denied it few minutes later! Then tried to wiggle out of it like a slimy worm.  You and John Terry would be a lethal combination!

  83. Grow up, JJ. I don't have control over what ads Google shows. If it's a problem for you then there are thousands of other LFC sites for you to visit.

  84. Whether I have 'credibility' in your eyes or anyone else's is irrelevant to me; I don't write to please the masses; I say what I think. Anyone being objective can see that Liverpool were up against a ridiculously poor side on the day, and the team's performance in response to that was nowhere near 'masterful'.

  85. Bit of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. the famous Scouse sense of humour don't you know:)

  87. I think that the game was more of an experimentation of trying to link-up Suarez and Carroll than anything else. And manchester united have asked themselves these same questions many times in the season too.

  88. Pity Suarez did n't control Enriques pass after 45seconds or Adam did n't shoot over after Minute and a Half 2 chances to score in the first 2 minutes,Carroll scoring before half time then Downing hitting the wood work injury time think says it all we controlled the game from the first minute to the last.

  89. i dont care, 3 points is 3 points. how many times in the past have we played blinding and come away with nothing.seasons before united and chelsea have been woeful and damn lucky in some games and still come away with a win.
    the good obvious thing is were making plenty of chances.should have beaten united with the few we had that game against a top team obviously,
    we can only get better. big wake up call after the spurs game. were slowly getting there

  90. You need to watch the game again, particularly the second half. Count how many times the ball was given away/passes went astray/moves broke down/crosses were wasted/attacking positions wasted. West Brom were absolutely appalling, and Liverpool couldn't capitalise in the second half. It got to the stage where this crap west bro side were actually playing better than Liverpool in the final third of the game, and they started to look like scoring.

  91. "Outside the obvious Spurs defeat, I can't remember a game this season where the ball was given away so much; where so many moves broke down; where Liverpool struggled for fluidity in the final third, especially in the second half"

    Pass completion stats were 81% in this game, which is more than our season stats of 79%, so your opinion that we gave away ball so much, or that moves broke more than in other games is wrong. Statistically we completed as many passes in this game as we did with Norwich last week. We drew that game and won this week. Not sure what your problem with the performance was.

    It wasn't a great performance but it wasn't a  bad one either. Certainly not bad enough to write an article about. Scored 2 goals, won away from home against a team we lost to last season. Good result. All that matters. Winning when you're not playing great is an improvement on last season.

  92. A differential of 2%? Do me a favour. Plus, if you read my sentence, I listed three things in one sentence as a group, not just giving the ball away. And if I want to write an article about it, I will.

  93. How anybody can say that that wasn't a penalty is beyond me - just because Suarez was fouled while not posing any threat to the opposition goal doesn't negate the fact that it was still a foul. It just makes the defending player look even more stupid for committing such an unnecessary foul in the box!

  94. We play many poor teams and manage to make them look good. For that matter, even Man Utd were POOR against us. We need to stop concerning ourselves with the quality of the opposition and focus on ourselves

    And why must Downing being anonymous be psychological - can't it just be down the fact that he just isn't really *all that*?

  95. it was only a couple of weeks ago that we drew 1-1 Norwich

    And by "most", I assume that you're referring to Man City right? :-/

  96. I've got to agree with you there JJ -  tbh I'm not entirely convinced by Silva (or Sterling either for that matter), but we need to see these kids given a chance to step up with our first team, otherwise there's no point in maintaining a reserve team.

    I want to see some flair and inventiveness in the final third, and seeing as we have so many senior players that will clearly never be world class players, I want to see some of the more talented kids given a chance to prove whether they can make that step up. Keep them rotting in the reserves and they'll continue to rot and regress as we have seen with countless potential young stars in recent years...

  97. I don't understand the reaction to this performance which I thought was the best we've seen in quite a while. Definitely in attack it was our most effective performance, but particularly in the second half we did allow WBA to get too much of a foothold through the middle of the park.

    What this game did illustrate even more clearly for me was that that we are still not good enough to be a team that looks to soak up pressure and counter attack. And 4411/442 is not the best formation for effectively putting consistent pressure on the opposition in the final third. The sooner that Dalglish settles on a 3 pronged attack, the better imo!

  98. Nope - I thought we looked far more dangerous in attack yesterday than in any recent game.

  99. Write about whatever you want mate, its your website but one of your strengths is factual accuracy. The stats say that we had an 81% pass completion rate which was the same as Norwich last week so we didn't lose possession more than any other game. We also had 16 chances on goal (21 against Norwich), 10 corners(10 against Norwich), created a chance every 5.8 minutes which was better than the season average. We converted 13% of our chances, which was better than the season average. Against Norwich we created 21 chances and only scored one, here we created 16 and scored 2. It may have been less "fluid" but it was more clinical.

    It wasn't our best performance of the season but it did the job. To say that it was underwhelming is an exaggeration. To say that we lost posseession more is factually inaccurate. Against Norwich we had 55% possession at home and here we at 57% possession and the same pass completion. To say that it was less fluid is a matter of interpretation. Scoring 2 goals from less chances is more fluid for me as we're taking our chances. We had as much possession in the final third as we did in the Norwich game.

    The second half wasn't great but we'd wrapped game up in the first which means you can take your foot of teh pedal in the second half. Something we've failed to do this season against Norwich, Stoke, Sunderland.

    In my opinion your analysis of the game was a bit negative.

  100. Again you are attempting to create a context which doesn’t exist .

    What possible connection do I have with John Terry ?

    Fact of the matter is I have never denied calling Torres a pansy but I did object to someone misquoting me & attempting to create a separate context which like in this case simply doesnt exist .

    You have done the same thing & are now hot stepping over the issue like yer doing a riverdance in order to twinkle toe yer way around the glaring truth .

    Shame you havent got a leg to stand on , otherwise you might have managed to hoodwink the reader , as per yer original intention .

  101. Surly you cant be claiming an "Objective" view while casting any shred of credibility you may have had to the wind ?

    How can you be viewed as Objective when you have no regard for credibility ?

    I cant see any other way on how I can take yer response other than ...

    "Take what I Type with a pinch of salt because I'm just spouting plausible opinion in order to garner reaction"

    Or in other words yer sayin that yera  Wind Up Merchant (WUM).


  102. connection with JT? I thought that was plain obvious, you share some similar characteristics.  Let's leave it at that, that's my final word on the matter.  Some things are best left unsaid.

  103.  Ouch !

    Go easy with yer crunching tackles Gary !

  104. What the hell is hat supposed to mean ?

    Your feigned indignant exit is worthy of an oscar .

    Anything you are leaving left unsaid is simply because I have called you on your attempts to create a context which doesn’t exist & your dramatic farewell is only a further example of your dishonesty .

    Unless of course you are applying some form of pre existing anti social prejudice to how you perceive me ?

    Perhaps you would like some salt & vinegar to go with that chip on yer shoulder ?


  105. Right winger. Simple as that. We suffered with problems down the left since Kenny first left and when we finally sign an out and out left winger we find him playing on the right at times. The left sided problem is sorted. Dirk Kuyt is no right winger, nor is Jordan Henderson. We've good balance everywhere now bar the right hand side. Good full backs, good centre halves, good central midfielders, a capable if not a world beating left winger and good centre forwards. Get some inventiveness down the right hand side and I reckon we'd be a match for nearly any team. Hopefully we've something in the reserves that Kenny trusts enough to give a go down that side. If I, a mere amateur, can see it I've no doubts a man with as much footballing savvy as Kenny can too.

  106. Liverpool had done the job by that stage.  The defense was solid and Reina had nothing to do.  Why be so, so critical.  This is not critical realism at all, that would represent a degree of objectivity.

    Being overly negative and over analysing game after game is not so healthy as you say, nor is being overly positive.  Many of us were happy with 3 points, winning away from home in what I would call, second gear, i.e. we didn't have to do that much to win, we controlled the game with ease and maturity.

    To be overly critical of that, is rather silly.

  107. Your perception is quite clearly wrong.

  108. Excellent summing up Gary.  Much more reasoned than the original article which was written with a very dismissive, negative slant.