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21 Sep 2011

Manchester United 'fans' disgrace themselves with Leeds United death chants

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A small section of idiotic, lowest common denominator Manchester United fans were up to their old tricks against during the Carling Cup game against Leeds United last night.

According to the BBC match report for the game, United's fans were singing songs about the deaths of two Leeds fans in Istanbul in 2000:

"The only black spot of the night from Manchester United, in fact, was the chanting by their supporters of songs referencing the night in Istanbul when two Leeds fans were killed in violent scenes - chants that did neither themselves nor their club any credit whatsoever".

Some of United's fans even unfurled a pre-made banner mocking the incident:

Another example of the fan apathy and ignorance that is rife in the modern game. It goes both ways though, as the comments of a Leeds fan who was at the game show:

"At the end of the day I'm a Leeds fan through and through and this banner pissed me off but we was [sic] singing Munich songs before - including me - so we have to take shit like this if we dish it out".

Just to pre-empt the inevitable: Yes, I know Liverpool fans have chanted about Munich before - it's equally as bad, and I have highlighted it on this site in the past.

I can't, however, find one Man united site that has condemned the disgraceful scenes from last night though, and that speaks volumes.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You won't find any Man U site condemning it because it would undermine the "victim" image they've built for themselves over the years.

    Manchester United's fans will try to justify this by pointing to the chants from a minority of our own fans over the years, but the vast majority have always condemned that. 

    What annoys me the most is that they've arrived at Elland Road with a banner already made, solely intent on getting a reaction from the Leeds United faithful - which they did. This doesn't justify what the Leeds United fans did, but it does explain it. 

    Contrary to some reports that Leeds fans were already singing Munich songs, this was not the case. The unrest started when Manchester United's fans arrived with "Turkish Reds" banners on the buses and it escalated from there. 

    We went to Old Trafford last season and there was no trouble whatsoever. The travelling Whites supporters have never brought along any kind of banner like this to deliberately spark a reaction from the opposition. The Manchester United fans involved instigated the whole thing and as such deserve severe punishment. I'm not defending Leeds' reaction, but it was just that - a reaction. 

    These incidents are always sparked by something. When there is no spark, games pass peacefully - like it did in January 2010. 

  2. That you can't find one ManU fan site that condemns the chants speaks volumes about your prejudice. Did you find any BWFC sites that condemned the airplane gestures made by so many Bolton fans at the Reebok last weekend? Maybe you didn;t look, maybe you were not even aware of it. yet to focus on this. 
    As a Liverpool fan you have no right to comment on these matters, your own clubs fans only stopped chanting about Munich after Hillsborough. Even the murder of so many juve fans at Hysel didn't bring your mob to any kind of sense.

  3. Not quite as disgraceful as murdering 39 innocent Italians is it?

  4. Of course he has a right to comment, what a ridiculous statement. Take off the rose-tinted spectacles for a second and accept your fans have disgraced your club. 

  5. I am a Manchester United fan and am discusted by some of the fans behaviour last night. I am in no way condoning this but but Leeds United were no angels last night  and many other clubs including yours and also the national team. It is a problem in our society much bigger than football. Some people just like to fight or cause chaos and if it wasn't over football it would be over something else, its just a shame that football is used as the scapegoat.

  6. I am United fan and it sickens me when I hear chants and see references to these types of incidents.  It's disgusting.  How can singing songs about people dying be good for our game?

    For the record, there are United sites that have condemned this behaviour.  Check out 'Red Flag Flying High.'

  7. Oh the irony of looserpool supporters taking the high moral ground .

  8. I think you'll find any reasonable human, including most United fans, would condemn this kind of behaviour in the same way that you condemn the minority of Liverpool fans who chant about Munich. Unfortunately all clubs are likely to have a small percentage of brainless thugs.

    What I find unnecessary is going out of your way to trawl through their fansites hoping that none of them have spoken out so you can have a cheap dig at United fans.

  9. They also let of coloured smoke bombs and were trying to shine lasers into the Leeds players eyes.

  10. I remember going to anfield pre-hillsboro your famous munich song was sung with gusto by the majority in the kop and the anny road,so dont be trying to gain the moral high ground..

  11. Those chants were not heard at e.r. for decades,only recently since the array of turkish flags and banners have been sported at o.t have a minority tried to bring them back,the police should have confiscated them before the busses got to ellend road and there would not have been half the trouble.They wanted a reaction and they got it.The police say they were surprised by the violence,they must be the only people on the planet that were.  M.O.T.

  12. @feelnopayne....liar,leeds fans have always chanted munich songs to man utd fans.

  13. and don't expect any condemnation of it from the media either

  14. Theres no "BUT", theres no excuse for it. Regardless of what club you support

  15. so that justifies man united fans singing about two murdered men ????!

  16. Truth speaker you arrogant fucker!! this is why you cunts are hated so much
    take a long hard look at yourself ,liverpool fans did not murder juve fans,the italians started a fight then ran away a wall collaspsed fans sadly died
    people who were involved in this trouble were arrested and charged with manslaughter and served time.singing about fans who had knives plunged into them and being Murdered in cold blood just shows mancs for the little turds
    that you really are.

  17. Lol @ Liverpool fans taking the moral high ground after basing his article on lazy research. It's quite pathetic really, you're just as bad as those chanting. Looking to then take a cheap shot when a minority smear the reputation of a club? Really low

  18. Where does it say that? All Im saying is that maybe some mindless man utd fans see it as payback time for the hoardes of liverpool and leeds fans who sing about munich....to me theyre as bad as each other,but for the leeds and liverpool fans to start crying after years of thinking they were clever is just totally hypocritical..

  19. Why not? I have heard plenty of condemnation from the media already.

  20. Its the typical response from the scousers

  21. I think you'll find that nearly every man utd fan thinks that these people are absolute morons. It's perfectly fine to sing rude songs about the opposition, but it's just not on to be reveling in the deaths of match going fans. It's up to the fans of every club to shut up their own  minority of morons. 

  22. All these morons do is bring shame on their clubs..not the brightest people in the world are they.

  23. Look, 99% of United fans will be ashamed of a banner being pre-made and brought into the ground just the same as the majority of Leeds fans and Liverpool fans are.
    The hard facts are there is a minority of idiots from all clubs across the country that do this, its not unique to United, Liverpool or Leeds, however its more common due to the intense rivalry which doesnt make it right in any way.
    Whilst every is quick to condemn it, no one has come up with a solution or worthy idea to eradicate it, so people need to stop moaning, and take accountability for themselves. One Leeds fan has condemned it, yet admitted to singing Munich songs before hand!!!! How hypocritical is that????? Its simple really, be accountable for yourselves and dont join in the chants and they will simply go away.
    As a regular at OT, if one person starts a chant a no one joins in....it fizzles out and is soon replaced by a proper song.

  24. As a United fan i can only say i am ashamed of what happened in Leeds the other night and I personally think that the fans who brought the banner and started the chant should be banned from United games for the next 10 years. They are a disgrace to our club. The fact that the Leeds fans chanted about Munich makes no difference it was our fans who turned up to the game with an Istanbul banner already made which shows that they clearly were intent on starting chants about Istanbul so we can't make excuses that they were chanting about Munich because it would've been our chants that set them off. These 'fans' need to stamp it out or it will be our club that suffers

  25. Monkey, point taken. However the Leeds fans have been chanting about Munich for years..which is surprising seeing as they had a very near escape with their own team on a flight about 10 years ago. Im not saying it is right, but the Istanbul banner was a retaliation to years of Munich abuse from Elland Road imbeciles.
    The fans who brought it should have had more class than to rise to it, but there is an amount of retaliation which is to be expected, although not glamourised by any means.
    They should be dealt with, but lets not forget the amount of years the Leeds fans have been at it???? Elland road surely has CCTV, and each and every person seen singing about Munich can be identified by their seat number. Lets see some action being taken by Leeds United FC and then against the Istanbul brigade.
    When lives are lost at a sporting event there is no excuse to chant obscenities about it....i have family who support Liverpool, it could have been one of them who were at Hillsborough that day, i have friends who support Leeds, it could have been one of them in Istanbul...................its pure scum to chant about Munich, Hillsborough or Istanbul.................lets see some action

  26. if a team is concerned with their image,which encompasses,all levels of the org. including fan behaviour,in my oppinion i think the fans would probably react favorably if 1 or more of their idols addressed the fans over the p.a system.If the fans dont listen;then they can't call themselves REAL fans.