19 Jan 2018

[GUEST ARTICLE] - FSG at Liverpool FC: Good, bad, or indifferent?

[AUTHOR: Case] Hey all! Since we’re approaching the halfway point of the season, I’m interested in seeing how folks currently feel about FSG.

My personal view is that John Henry et al are currently as effective as they’ve ever been. Granted, I’ve held a different view in the past, and I reserve the right to change my opinion again in the future. However, right now, I wouldn't swap FSG for any other set of owners in world football. Why?

* FSG have literally taken our Club from rags to riches, and we are now at a point where our stadium is approaching the capacity and revenue potential of other top clubs. The same applies to off-field revenue opportunities.

* They have installed (IMO) the absolute best manager on the planet to manage us with genuine passion and lots of heart (i.e. the way the club should be managed).

* FSG has also afforded said manager/deity the freedom to implement a fantastic playing style that is proving to be measurably successful against our competitors.

If this progression continues, Liverpool will have a realistic chance of (finally) achieving the ultimate goal: winning the EPL, and challenging for the title on a regular basis.

Many fans – myself included – have (historically) harboured doubts about FSG’s willingness to spend the money necessary to compete in the modern game, but the recent deal for Virgil Van Dijk (a club record) surely proves that the group will splash the cash when required. Furthermore, such an expensive signing also blows the tiresome 'Moneyball' accusations right out of the water.

I certainly feel that FSG will make a strong attempt to sign any player Jurgen deems to be an important target, and since the boss has largely signed players who have improved the team, we finally have all of the parts of the LFC machine working together at full-throttle. So: how do you feel about FSG?

Thanks in advance to all who may read and consider my ramblings.

Best fishes,


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