13 Dec 2017

Liverpool vs. West Brom: Premier League - Confirmed Teams

FULL TEAM: Karius, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Klavan, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Can, Coutinho, Salah, Firmino, Mané

SUBS: Milner, Gomez, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mignolet, Ings, Solanke

As I've argued a million times over the last 3-years: Liverpool do not need Adam Lallana. The team's recent form has categorically proven this, and it's clearly nonsense to suggest - as some deluded fans repeatedly have - that Lallana is somehow 'irreplaceable' and/or integral to Liverpool's success. He is not. Replacing Lallana has always been easy - Liverpool just needed a player who could:

* Operate in the front three/in an attacking position (as Lallana has for much of his LFC career)

* Be able to score more than a whopping 6-9 goals per season consistently, and:

* Would not endlessly go missing at the most crucial stages of every season and fail to score/create anything for 15-20 games in a roe (Lallana = 2-3 long, detrimental barren spells every.single.year)

Successive managers have failed to buy the right players, but the Reds have that player now, and his name is Mohamed Salah, whose form renders Lallana's presence in the first team utterly redundant.

So Lallana can press? Big freakin' deal! I'll take 25 goals/assists in 24 games and less pressing over a player running themselves into the ground but actually contributing very little.

Salah has 19 goals for LFC in 4 MONTHS, which is only TWO LESS than Lallana has contributed in 3 FULL SEASONS (!) That is impact is the kind of impact Lallana should be having on the team, but he's never been anywhere near.

The same will eventually happen with Henderson. I like Hendo; he's a quality player, but he's not a player who will take Liverpool to the next level. Many fans won't understand and/or accept that until the Reds sign another midfielder who comes into the team and has a Mane/Salah-style impact.

Salah/Mane = the type of player Liverpool need to progress: players who come straight into the side and make an immediate, consistent impact. This has never been the case with Lallana, who, from this point onwards, should be a squad player, along with Henderson, Moreno, Milner, Can, Lovren etc.


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