12 Sep 2017

Guest Articles - Write your own post!

As you know, I've taken a step back from posting regularly, so it may be a good idea to move to a more user-generated system. This is something I've floated in the past, but Timp recently messaged me and suggested it as a possible option.

You all have great ideas/insights into LFC, and offer passionate, interesting analysis of a variety of football-related issues, so why not submit your own articles?

I have several other external guest writers lined up to submit articles, but the commenting community is the heart of the site, so it would be great to have some of you posting articles. A few points:

* You can write whatever you like. Even articles like '10 reasons why Adam Lallana is better than Messi' are allowed; just expect a significant challenge from me in the comment section ;-)

* It goes without saying, but there is no requirement to submit articles that agree with my view on LFC. In fact, I encourage you to write articles that directly conflict with my opinions, which won't be hard since 95% of people disagree with me anyway :-)

* I will edit your articles (for spelling, excessive positivity* etc) but I won't interfere with the actual argument being presented. If necessary, I will make suggestions for improvement/clarity, and send it back for revisions.

* There's no frequency requirement - just send an article whenever you feel passionate about a specific issue, game, result, incident, etc.

* Submission: Simply email me your article, and I'll post it. Include the name you'd like displayed (can be your real name or your commenting alias) plus links to your website, social media accounts (if you have them).


* Just kidding :-)


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