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10 May 2015

Mega-Deal: Liverpool now favourites to sign 'world-class' £35m goal-machine with 39 goals and assists in 38 games

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Last month, Liverpool scouts flew to France to watch Lyon goalscorer Alexander Lacazette in action, and with the club heavily pursuing the prolific French striker, new reports claim that the Reds are now favourites to seal the deal.

According to reports today:

* Liverpool are now in 'pole-position' to sign Lacazette.

* Manchester United are also determined to sign the coveted striker.

Liverpool have been constantly linked with a move for £35m-rated Lacazette this year, but when asked in April about Premier League interest, the striker appeared to rule out the possibility of a move. He told reporters:

"I do not know what will happen, but at the moment I can say that I will play for Lyon next year."

Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas has dismissed the possibility of a deal. In a recent interview, he insisted:

"Impossible. He [Lacazette] will be with us at the Stade des Lumieres and in the Champions League [next season]"

That seems emphatic, but the key phrase in Lacazette's statement is 'at the moment, which basically gives him leeway to make a decision in the summer. Indeed, in February, the striker mused:

"If the club needs to transfer me, I will leave. It's just reality. We must qualify for the Champions League and then we'll see for sure that next season I want to play the Champions League"

With 39 goals/assists in 38 games, Lacazette - recently described as 'world-class' but ex-Reds boss Gerard Houller - is achieving excellent creative stats this season, and given his speed, mobility, and finishing ability, he'd clearly be a logical signing for Liverpool.

Steve Nicol seems to think so, and in a January interview with ESPN, he insisted that Lacazette 'fits the mould that Liverpool are looking for', and strongly urged his old club to pursue the striker:

“Liverpool have an opportunity to sign this guy [Lacazette] and I think they should. He loves to go forward [and] score goals and he reminds me of [Luis] Suarez. I think this would be a superb signing".

This all sounds very exciting, but I just have one thing to say: Memphis Depay.

The Lacazette speculation is following the same pattern: Liverpool were allegedly in 'pole-position' to sing Depay, too, and look what happened. As such, fans should just forget about this deal right now as there's probably no way it's ever going to happen, especially now that the club's Champions League chances are all but over.

If it comes down to a straight choice, why would Lacazette choose Liverpool over Man United?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Pablo Von Mooneyo12:19 am, May 10, 2015

    He won't

  2. Our only real chance of signing world-class players is to employ a world- class manager and offer playes world-class money.

  3. yep.....no champions league......Lacazette

  4. I think the concern isn't whether he'd pick us over United, but whether he'd pick us over Lyon. I reckon he wouldn't.

  5. We are always the "favourite" until last minute arsenal or chelsea swoop in and steal the deal (sanchez, costa, willian, salah etc).

  6. We are always the "favourite" until last minute arsenal or chelsea swoop in and steal the deal (sanchez, costa, willian, salah etc)

  7. We'd have to overpay him to get him.

    Auf Weidersehen

  8. Liverpool used to be a drawcard for top players,but now only average hopefuls seemed to be drawn.And with B.R at the helm who's going to want to come?YNWA

  9. For everyone we are linked with that are very good I will declare that we have no chance, simply because we have NO chance. We are always in "pole" position but then a serious club just steps in and sign these players in 48 hours. We'll be left with some £8-10m player hoping he's the next Coutinho. Lacazette said he wants CL football so even if we were a serious club we wouldn't have any chance of signing him as we are already out of the CL. United qualified today as we will lose to Chelsea on Sunday. Not a serious club. He'll be a great signing for United or Chelsea or even Arsenal, but we are a joke club.

  10. Nicolas Chamberlain1:14 am, May 10, 2015

    We should work some more behind the scenes and just seal the deals.
    These things shouldn't take months of speculations.
    I wish we would be more quiet about that and just sign the world class players we desperately need.

  11. Nicolas Chamberlain1:16 am, May 10, 2015

    We should sign Vietto and Lacazette or at least one of these two quality players. Sell Borini, Balotelli and Lambert.

  12. I used to look forward to transfer windows.

    Now, they are like a wino catching site of his reflection in a brief moment of sobriety...

  13. Is this even true though? How many top players have we bought? Liverpool has historically bought players and made them stars. Probably the biggest name we bought was Dalglish.

    In recent years how many big names have we bought? Alonso wasn't a big name when we bought him. Suarez and Torres were well known, but there weren't really any other big teams in for them as they weren't proven 'stars'. Reina wasn't a big name. Mascherano couldn't get in the West Ham team when we got him.

    The players are out there. Not saying it is easy, but you don't have to have Champions League to attract good players. As much as anything you need a solid transfer strategy and that is what we seem to lack (beyond 'buy 'em young').

  14. We are the favorite until Chelsea steps in!!! Ntep is who we are going after!

  15. Believe it when I see it. Lackadaisical transfer policy will always have us finishing runners-up unfortunately.

  16. David your comment is spot on, as long as the Imposter remains at this club we will be attracting only second class players.

  17. Memphis daywouldntpay!! F$g

  18. Our transfer policy is a joke.

    All we can sign are young and expensive 'potentials'.

    No proven players will play for us because we don't pay as well and we are not in the champions league.

    If FSG continue to stick to the principle of buying young and milk their youth and sell at a high, and expect us to be competing at all front they must be living in la-la land.

  19. So LVG has the drinks out!! Sounds like he wants a big purple nose like Fergie

  20. I recon that if LFC want a player they should just pay up and suck it up without all this penny pinching bull Sh1t

  21. Saw that Chelski is in for Koke. That's what Chelski needs...another great midfielder to sit the bench.

  22. Edwin Smeulders3:11 am, May 10, 2015

    when do I stop laughing....and start crying !!!!........seriously, am afraid what this coming transfer window will,but in reality, won`t bring to a club fast losing it`s mojo in the football world.....such regression from the lofty heights of the 70`s-80`s.Lacazette,or any top drawer player...no chance...more youthful unheard of dross to add to the squad ....you`ll see!

  23. Edwin Smeulders3:13 am, May 10, 2015

    when do I stop laughing ???.....and start crying ?????

  24. You should find another club so we don't have to read your pathetic mewling anymore.

  25. Good points all.

  26. Spot on Grem,and next season we dont have a chance especially all the top 4 teams having better managers than us.

  27. A better chance would be to beat the teams we are supposed to beat and stay in the top 4. It would also help if our primary striker remained healthy.

  28. Suarez was a young expensive potential. They are out there.

  29. We should play the upcoming kids for the last couple of games and give them experience and encouragement to try harder for next season, as long as it wont put them off playing with some of the crap that we have.

  30. We shouldn't until it's mathematically impossible for 4th. That won't be until next week if ManU wins. After that we should. Soton and Spurs losing helped, but we need to keep Europa league if we can.

  31. I think that it is over with Utd winning.

  32. All too familiar...lfc pole position, seller club creates an auction, man utd comes, player snubs lfc. Lfc fans go morbid and social twitter on meltdown....all too familiar...oh "Rodgers" and "sack" are most searched words on the internet after that.

  33. Oh by the way off topic, did you see Torres rounded the keeper and brought two defenders to the ground and scored in AM? That's the LFC Torres.

  34. I wrote it several times - as long as a nobody Brit is in charge, no world class talent or already star 'll not join for LFC. Not even with obnoxious money or CL football (which is not happening incoming years under BR).

    I wrote the same lines few days back on Depay & few posters had a go at that. BR can bring only the Lallanas, the Allens, that too over paying. Only star player from a top club he could bring was Sakho & we know why Mamadou left PSG.

    Pepe is joining MCity while LVG 'll be into his 2nd season & I am sure Arsene & Mou aren't leaving in next few years - I don't see us in CL football in this decade; Lacazzette knows that better. He 'll join Arsenal & we might be left with the spoil - Theo Walcott, for 30mn & 150K/week - that's B Rogers for you.

  35. Yet Liverpool still don't have the finances of the top 4 clubs, if mourinho was our manager and could only offer up to 150k max (only for star players) and he went to a club that could offer 300k max if he became a star player for that team, then you have to blame mourinho For not being world class enough, yet somehow a non world class manager brought in a world class striker in sturridge

  36. is he even on the transfer list ???

  37. Someone should get you a hanky.

  38. Are you implying that the rich teams are cool but the rest of the teams are jokes? Why would you support a team you think are a joke, and the teams that have a sugar daddy are the serious teams?

  39. HaHaHa... Not a chance in hell.

    With FSG trainees Ian Ayre and Bendan Rodgers running our transfer dealings its like having Laurel and Hardy in charge.
    We're a right laughing stock.

  40. So if BR was French suddenly the wage structure is gone is it? when star players go to clubs the rich clubs that can offer up to 300k and know that club can just buy success and know other star players will join too, you have to look at the nationality of the manager not the fact that the club can only offer 150k max?

  41. Peter Panofield4:31 am, May 10, 2015

    Liverpool fc Policy

    1 Buy young players
    2 Sell at a big profit
    3 Lower wage bill
    4 Make top 4 each year
    5 Big world class expensive players come to us on loan first for a year to prove themselves

    All I will say is thank god we never got falcao

  42. Ppl think it should be
    1. Ignore the limited stadium
    2. Higher the wage bill
    3. Sign world class players
    4. Go into administration

    Maybe hicks and gillet should have stayed

  43. More rumors about players who have already stated or have had someone else state for them that they will be staying at their respective clubs.

    Just Liverpool things.