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4/01/2012 11:30:00 am

Defender claims: LFC star 'may' return to his old club. Let him go...?

Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson argued last week that Liverpool should swap Andy Carroll for Newcastle's Demba Ba, a deal that I' sure most fans would love to see happen. With the recent arrival at Newcastle of Senegalese countryman Papiss Cisse, the likelihood of Ba leaving the North East seems slim at the moment. However, Newcastle defender Darren Perch is convinced that Carroll will return to his old club at some point.

Speaking to The Mirror, Perch - who is set to start this afternoon's game against Liverpool in place of the injured Fabricio Coloccini - admitted that Newcastle's players were 'disappointed' when Carroll left, and added:

"I can see a time when Andy may want to come back to Newcastle. He’s only young and has a lot of playing years in front of him. He’s a Geordie lad and had a good rapport with everyone at the club. The fans would welcome him back but it is up to him"

It seems inevitable that Carroll will return to Newcastle at some point; as Perch says, he's a 'Geordie lad'; i.e. one of those players who needs to be turning out for his hometown club. In that respect, he's a bit like Steven Gerrard, whose form is arguably linked to the adulation, time, patience and respect he receives from adoring Liverpool fans across the globe.

Things haven't worked out for Carroll at Liverpool, but in my view, he should definitely start this afternoon's game. What better motivation is there to get on the scoresheet than playing against his former club?

Carroll has been on the bench for five of the last six league games, which seems like poor management to me considering his slightly improved form. How is Carroll going to improve further if he's always on the bench; how is this good for confidence?

I'm not his greatest fan (!) but at least give the guy a proper chance. After splurging 35m on the guy, surely it's Dalglish's duty to utilise him in a way that gives the club a chance of achieving value for money?

My team for today (Depending on injuries)

Flanagan --------- Carra ---- Skrtel ------ Johnson

Kuyt ----------- Gerrard --- Spearing ------ Bellamy

---------------- Suarez -- Carroll

* Enrique needs a rest; his form has dropped badly over the last couple of months.

* Please, no Downing or Henderson anywhere near the starting line-up, for obvious reasons.

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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nick said...

kenny needs to start playing youngsters in the premier league- what have we got to lose!? sterling made nearly more impact in 10 minutes than downing has all season

Micknnic_4 said...

Darren Perch??????????

Gilstrap said...

newcastle are bigging carol up to demotivate him......hell get no service anyway so they dont need to ...kuyt and bellamy arnt exactly renowned for hitting the touch line and whipping balls in ....its ironic that reserve team players players like sterling and spearing cost nothing and seem better prospects

Alex_Star said...

Jamie come on! Look alive! Sami Hyypiä was made caretaker manager of Bayern Leverkusen today. Where is the article? I'm still not 100% convinced this isn't some elaborate april fools trick. :D

Good luck to him though!

Speechless said...

Yes! Shelvey is in the starting lineup - finally! Good luck lad!! 

Pastor of Muppets said...

As you would have it, Henderson and Downing ARE benched!

Speechless said...

Full team: 

Liverpool: Reina, Flanagan, Carragher, Skrtel, Enrique, Gerrard, Spearing, Shelvey, Bellamy, Carroll, Suarez. Subs: Doni, Aurelio, Maxi, Henderson, Coates, Kuyt, Downing. 

Speechless said...

Henderson and Downing on the bench .. positive, although on the evidence of performance on the pitch in the last game, Sterling is more deserving to be on the bench. So how does this work ... Gerrard on the right, Shelvey centre?

j75j said...

Kenny said he was going to be more direct!

Pastor of Muppets said...

Probably a very fluid 4-1-2-3.

'Oskan Yalbirdak said...

why did carroll dive?

nick said...

that was so stupid, he had an open goal infront of him

Septimus_severus said...

Can anyone explain to me the following :



Madness said...

Carragher starts as he defends Kenny in the media arguing he needs more time.

Sterling is not on the bench as Kenny still believes his signings are up to the challenge.

GM said...

And why would a) Newcastle want to trade away a top scorer for a bumbling slow piece of garbage... and b) Ba want to go from a club that can challenge for top 4 to club that could be fighting relegation next year if Dalglish is kept as manager... this is an idiotic column at best... 

Ashok Asokan9166 said...

what going on at LFC ................. still king good 4 LFC

SouthAussieRed said...

you are off your head!!! Kenny has to go!!! this is the worst season of premier league i have ever seen from my beloved Reds!!! Pathetic and im sick to death of the excuses.!!! 

ROSSO67 said...

Relax lad its not like Adelaide United have had a great season either.

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