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17 Feb 2012

Ex-Midfielder insists: LFC 'better off' despite Dalglish's Suarez 'mismanagement...'

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Despite the major turmoil that has consumed Liverpool over the last few months, former Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers midfielder Robbie Savage believes that Kenny Dalglish's team will triumph over adversity, and finish the season with at least two trophies.

Speaking to The Mirror, Savage - who was a Liverpool supporter as a boy - revealed his disappointment with Liverpool's handling of recent. He said:

"It makes me sad to see how badly he [Dalglish] mismanaged the Luis Suarez business. His decency as a person and love for his club forced him into a position where he circled the wagons to protect his player and team and ended up defending the indefensible.

"However, King Kenny has not mismanaged Liverpool FC. We focus too much on what goes on off the park and not enough on it and the fact is that they are massively better than they were under Roy Hodgson.

"And if, as I expect, Dalglish lifts at least one trophy this season - and I think they could well do a Cup double - then this sorry mess will all be thankfully forgotten".

It's probably true to say that Liverpool are 'better' now than under Hodgson, but 'massively' better? 'Marginally' better is probably a more accurate description.

When it comes to league form, style of play is probably the only thing that's better under Dalglish; under Hodgson, the club scored more goals, drew less games, and won more games at home.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Perhaps because Torres and Gerrard was still scoring for Liverpool.

  2. Jamie, your a 'massively' annoying LFC 'fan'.

  3. Maybe, but Kenny had almost 100m to spend on goals

  4. Are you serious Jaimie?  I really wish I didn't read your drivel - and I know no-one has a gun to my head but this is the worst case of sensationalist journalism I've ever seen.  Your headlines are misleading and your content is rubbish.  Savage never said that Dalglish was "mismanaging" Liverpool as your headline suggests - "LFC better off despite Dalglish's mismanagement."

    Why do you constantly feel the need to go against the grain?  All you are is a non conformist.

    You are NOT a Liverpool FC supporter.

  5. Scored more goals? Won more at home? Were 12th after losing to Wolves and Blackpool. You should support West Brom if you miss Roy.

  6. And who should those still pining over Benitez follow?

  7. I agree with massively better. The reuslts may only be marginally better, but the strength in depth we now possess means the only absence we've failed to cope with effectively is Lucas. The squad right now also has lots of potential, with most of our new players, possibly even all yet to truly click, and most of them have been signed for the long term. Hodgson's buys were mainly stopgap measures and were significantly older on average, so potential certainly didn't apply to them. The approach adopted by Hodgson doesn't require players to click either, but that supposedly failsafe 40% brand of soccer is an epic fail by our standards. In the past 50 years, only Souness did as badly. While Kenny's brand of football takes alot more getting used to by the players to work effectively, it allows them to play at their level - of course, the flipside is that it brutally exposes those out of their depth or those off form.

    I miss the balance Rafa struck with the 08-09 team, AVB seems to be attempting just that at Chelsea, but their players aren't all cooperating. He wouldn't have had that problem with our players though.

  8. Great having strength in depth so that everyone can underachieve together. The EPL is as weak as it has been for years, our rivals for 4th all have had European games, and lots of injuries, we still trail them and we have a cup final in a competition that none of the big sides really take seriously. We've wasted the money put aside for the great leap forward. Poor return, not good enough. The league position shows that, for 100 million, the progression has been non existent.

  9. You should support Real Madrid or Legia Warsaw if you do not like supporters with another opinion.

  10. Strength of depth?...True, when Suarez was out banned, in came another player that hardly scored any goals either in Carroll...like for like eh.

  11. The summer signings I think bring us down the ladder.Jan 2011 till May 2011 was very good.Carroll being injured we all witnessed the real Liverpool.But this season with Carroll included we are good and NOT better.We have to be the BEST.